Glazedale & K&A Cox Ltd Smash the 300 Reviews Mark!
4th June 2013
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Reviews and testimonials really are at the heart of what we do at thebestof Heanor and Ripley!

We know that word of mouth and personal recommendations are the strongest form of advertising that exists in any business, in any sector and in any country in the world today. 

That's why we give all of our business members the tools to collect customer feedback, be it our fun little heart and star postcards, dual branded freepost cards, or the various places on our website where local people can tell us how much they enjoyed our members' service. 

It's great when a customer takes the time to leave feedback unprompted, but we know from experience that often unless you ask, people won't bother to tell you what they think, or to say thank you! 

That's what makes Glazedale & K&A Cox Ltd stand out from the crowd!  They understand the value of collecting, and more importantly, using feedback from their customers. This week they have sent us their 300th testimonial - an amazing achievement! And we're proud to be the ones who are helping them to use those testimonials to get even more business and to stay at the top of their market!

But not every bit of feedback they get is positive - like every business occasionally there will be a problem and a customer's experience might not be what Darren, Rob and the team would want it to be.  Having an established feedback process means that they can capture comments from both happy and  unhappy customers and use these to put things right, or to develop their business to reduce the chances of whatever issue is in question happening again. 

So the message is - don't be afraid of asking for feedback! Chances are that you'll be amazed and motivated by the fantastic comments you get, and you might even learn something that helps your business improve into the future!

Congratulations to Glazedale & K&A Cox Ltd on a fantastic achievement - if you want to emulate their success, give me a call and I can show you how you can do it too!

Glazedale K&A Cox Ltd
St Andrews Court
96 Station Road
Langley Mill (Heanor)
NG16 4BP
T: 01773 712001
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