Angels find fame....finally
23rd May 2013
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Hot on the heels of their successful tournament at Nottingham Trent University, the usual Thursday evening session found the Angels drawing the Easter raffle.  Donated prize Easter Eggs are now making their way to the worthy winners having helped raise £88 to fund the clubs activities and costs. 

If the thought of all that chocolate wasn’t enough to get excited about, then the Angels found themselves being stars of the small screen as filming for the local BBC East Midlands Today programme took place during the session.  It was a good turnout with V.I.P guests from Loughborough Lightning, the England Superleague team, and even Julian from ‘Back 2 Netball’ League paid a visit too!  What with a training session with the ex – Loughborough team coach and freebie tee shirts, it couldn’t get much better and it was nearly all too much for the Angels when young Tom the cameraman was introduced!

The training session commenced and Tom was to be spotted hovering about, dodging the odd stray ball and possibly looking more nervous than the Angels.  Now, although a very shy bunch the Angels managed to find four volunteers willing to be interviewed in front of the camera,  well ‘willing’ might be stretching it a little.  Nevertheless the four intrepid ladies voiced their opinion on the attributes of joining the local ladies netball team, whilst the rest of the Angels got on with….well a netball game. 

The excitement bubbled with the prospect of being on the telly!  The following week viewing figures for East Midlands Today rocketed, okay they went up by 12.  Sadly, it was not to be and by Friday of that week the mood was mellowing a little.

Finally on 21st May, just a little later than promised and by this time taking the Angels by surprise, the Angels made their first television appearance!  Gracefully edited (taking out the trips, tumbles and odd soundbites) the four volunteers clearly enjoyed their fame as they graced the small screen.  The two minutes and forty five seconds passed before some of us even had the time to put down the coffee cup and pick up the remote control!  

The word is spreading as I have it on good authority that the piece was being talked about as far away as Heanor! How on earth will the Angels follow that up?  Well, I think they may just think of something…….

Join the Aldercar Angels on a Thursday Evening at Aldercar Language College 7-8pm, keep fit, have fun and socialise with the odd occasional television appearance thrown in for good measure.

All ages and abilities welcomed.

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