Amber Valley BC launches the "Business Improvement Placement Scheme"
11th August 2011
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If you have a specific project or idea in mind to help you to improve your business but simply don’t have the time to carry it out, then this scheme could be just what you are looking for.

The Amber Valley Business Improvement Placement Scheme, aims to link talented university students with local businesses to undertake a specific, structured business project.

What Types of Project Does This Scheme Support?

The types of project that this scheme supports are wide ranging, a few ideas could be: e-commerce, marketing, public relations, design, and performance management. So for example, a retailer may be considering introducing a new product line in their shop but before doing so wants to find out whether it is likely to do well. The project in this case would centre on market research and a marketing plan for the new product. We would seek to engage an undergraduate or postgraduate student that is undertaking a course with marketing content to carry out the project.

How Will My Business Benefit?

Your business will benefit from gaining access to a new set of skills and an additional knowledge resource that will allow you to implement a project that you may not have had the time to implement yourself. You will also be assigned a business advisor from Business Link to help develop your business improvement project.

How Will The Student Benefit?

The benefit to students is that they will have the opportunity to develop their skills in a business environment and use the experience to enrich their CV or even as a case study in an assignment.

How Much Will It Cost?

The students will work on the project on a voluntary basis for a set amount of time. While they will not receive payment, you will need to reimburse any expenses that they incur such as mileage, parking or bus tickets, you may then claim this back from the Regeneration Team at Amber Valley Borough Council.

I’m Interested What Next?

If you are interested in taking part in the scheme please contact Jane Bexon, Economic Regeneration Officer at Amber Valley Borough Council for more information, the number to call is 01773 841484 or email

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