A Jog in the Park to Help Beat Cancer
15th July 2011
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It has been announced this week that, at the current rates, 4 out of every 10 of us will contract cancer at some point in our lives.  Scary isn't it?  Given that statistic, I was even more glad that three months ago my friend and I signed up for this year's Race for Life. 

As with donating blood, my philosophy is that I would happily accept a donation if I needed it, so I should be prepared to give something back when I can.  Spending an hour or so twice a week jogging (can't call what I do 'running'!!)  then joining with thousands of other women and girls for a fun evening in the park is a very small price to pay compared to what people up and down the country and indeed around the world are battling with every minute of every hour of every day of their lives.

We didn't raise a fortune, probably around £100 in total for our little 5-girl team, but that's not what's important. Every penny we've raised will be used to fight this horrible, silent and indiscriminate disease, and if we can help to make just one day of one person's life a little bit easier than it would have been otherwise, then mission accomplished.

Happily, Race for Life has become a phenomenon.  What began as a small ladies-only event for those who wanted to raise money but felt intimidated by running alongside fitter and stronger men, has touched the hearts of women everywhere, and to date well over 5 million women have taken part, raising a staggering £362 million to fund the work of over 4,000 researchers, doctors and nurses dedicated to helping more people beat cancer. 

So my little £100 is a very small drop in the ocean, but its each of these little amounts that has come together to make up this huge sum. And it feels great to be involved on the day too. The atmoshphere is amazing, with people dressed up in costumes or at least wearing something pink.  Most girls write a dedication on a card on their back to explain their inspiration for running, and that in itself is one of the most moving things I've ever seen.  Some are running for loved ones they've lost, others for people who are going through it still, or to honour the bravery of those who've fought and beaten their cancer. 

What's great to see as well though, are those who are running simply 'because they can', people like me who are very grateful not to have had to watch a loved one go through anything like this, but who know all too well the old addage 'There but for the Grace of God....'

If you would like to add to our humble offering by donating to our sponsorship fund, please feel free to either follow the link here www.raceforlifesponsorme.org/looneytunes, or pop into In a Spin Laundry in Langley Mill, where we have a collection box.  Every penny counts.

Thank you, and good luck to all the fantastic women who have yet to run their Race for Life.


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