Why soup needs to be your food of choice
20th January 2015
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At Abbeycroft Leisure, we hope you are enjoying your January healthy eating and fitness campaign.  However, if you’re in need of a little extra nutritious inspiration to keep you feeling full, healthy, happy and warm, then look no further than the humble bowl of soup.

Let’s take a look at why you too should make soup an essential part of your diet:
1.     It’s warming and comforting.  January is renowned as being a cold weather month, so there’s nothing more enjoyable than a delicious and nutritious bowl of steaming soup to warm your cockles! 
2.     It’s minimum effort.  It’s so easy to make soup from scratch – and we’re advocates of homemade versus bought varieties. That’s because you know exactly what’s going in to your homemade version, as opposed to lots of salt and preservatives etc. Preparation and cooking is quick, simple and straightforward.  Furthermore, soup is an extremely adaptable meal as you can use whatever ingredients you have to hand.  From fresh or frozen vegetables, to leftovers and homemade stocks, it’s up to you entirely what goes in! 
3.     Soup is a very economical meal, it can be frozen in batches ready for the week ahead, and you can enjoy it at lunchtime or dinner time too. 
4.     Soup can help to act as an appetite suppressant.  That’s because it’s a great ‘volume’ food and it really fills you up.  So eating soup for lunch will keep you feeling full all afternoon long and prevent those attacks of the munchies.  What’s more, when dining out choose soup as a starter as it will help to prevent overeating when your main course arrives.
5.     Soup will help you to load up on the vegetables.  Boil up all your favourite greens and / or root vegetables with a good chicken or vegetable stock, and simply blitz in a blender until smooth.  It’s a super easy and super tasty way to enjoy a good few of your recommended five a day.  And why not experiment with flavours to find your top choices.
6.     It makes being healthy easy.  Soup is an ideal meal choice for busy lives.  If you know your work schedule is manic, then why not heat up some homemade soup, pop it into a thermos flask and off you go.  Lunch is portable, it’s sorted, and it’s also something healthy and hearty rather than a calorie-laden sandwich and packet of crisps. 
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