Where can you get a Blooming Lovely yet truly unique floral arrangement in Haverhill?
29th April 2013
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I think most of us at some point may have toyed with the idea of floristry as a career, well I have. I love the thought of being part of the memorable moments in people’s lives, the birth of a baby, a new relationship (or the rescue of an old one!), the bride's big day. What other industry lends itself to such important experiences?

And it must be wonderful to spend your working day surrounded by the most beautiful colours, shapes and scents Mother Nature has to offer.  I picture myself using my creative and artistic talents to produce floral works of art that will leave the recipient stunned, perhaps moved to tears, by their beauty and perfection.

This is a wonderful dream, and sadly must remain a dream... witnessed by my total inability to do more than stick a bunch of daffs in a vase (and even then they look a bit sad, and definitely lopsided?)

Haverhill florist, Blooming Lovely Studio has no such problems; owner Mandy will produce an absolute work of art.  Yes, you can get a traditional bouquet beautifully put together from the Interflora collection and delivered to its happy recipient. But for something truly special, why not give Blooming Lovely free reign to create a floral display, the likes of which you may not have seen before?

Mandy is a professional floral artist and has an understanding of line, form and space.  She can balance colours, patterns and textures and advise you on the perfect flowers and foliage to turn the floral display you envisage in your mind into a reality before you.  There is a huge difference between an 'off the peg' bouquet and something that has been specifically designed with its recipient in mind.  Mandy will make sure the design is appropriate to the environment it will inhabit - a trailing display of cottage garden flowers may not sit well in an ultra modern flat, just as an abstract arrangement of exotic blooms may not be suitable for a 90th birthday bouquet.

As well as this, Mandy will let the mood of the occasion influence the materials she uses, knowing that people will express emotions through flowers. Sentiments of sympathy for a loved one experiencing a loss, nervous brides wanting the perfect combination of flowers and design style to complete their dream wedding, a business launch needing to project just the right professional image.

To be honest I was under something of a misconception that if I wanted flowers delivered, they had to be Interflora flowers.  Not so!  Blooming Lovely Studio is Haverhill's local florist and is more than happy to deliver her own unique creations.  Mandy welcomes the opportunity to use her skills and imagination to allow you to delight a loved one with a truly bespoke bouquet or flower arrangement.  Choose your own colours, scents, accessories... be advised and inspired by Mandy's obvious expertise and love of floristry.  Above all, be different.

And don't think you will be paying 'over the odds' for your bespoke creation.  Mandy feels strongly that beautiful arrangements should be accessible and affordable for everyone, and choosing something individual and unique for Mandy to work her magic on will certainly not leave you out of pocket.

Blooming Lovely Studio is located just off Haverhill High Street.  The local florist offers all things floral, taking care of all your wedding flowers, providing just the right tribute on the loss of a loved one, celebration bouquets and arrangements for births, anniversaries and birthdays...or just the perfect way to say I Love You.  They have a huge choice of the freshest flowers, delivered daily and of course, offer quality and customer service that is second to none.

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