Want to spoil mum this coming Mother's Day? Look no further than Haverhill for a range of treats that any mother would love
12th March 2014
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Ok, so it’s one of the least original Mother’s Day gifts there is, and yet still one of the most popular. Done properly, a gift of flowers can be a long lasting, fragrant and spectacular declaration of how much you love your mum.

However, the important part of that phrase is done properly. Please don’t swing by the supermarket, or worse, the petrol station. Presenting mum with a truly stunning floral gift doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Bespoke florist Blooming Lovely Studio in Haverhill can create beautiful bouquets and floral arrangements that are unique works of art. The creativity, skill and attention to detail that goes into all their work means that whether you choose a delicate, hand tied bouquet or the most sumptuous floral arrangement the end result will be simply stunning.

Please click here to find out more about Blooming Lovely Studio.

Talking of simply stunning, it’s probably not how mum would describe herself very often is it? With mums prioritising family first, second and third, trips to the hair salon or a bit of personal pampering never seem to make it onto the short list. Time for you to change all that.

Arevolution in Haverhill hold within the sanctuary of their sumptuous salon the tools and skills to give mum the pampering she deserves. Whether it’s a long, luxurious massage, revitalising facial, a glowing tan or drop dead gorgeous eyes and nails the friendly, experienced staff at Arevolution in Haverhill know exactly how to make mum feel special.

Please click here to find out more about Arevolution's beauty treatments.

Does your mum look like she’s trying to make grey roots fashionable? Is her idea of ‘going out hair’ scraping it back into a sparkly scrunchie instead of the usual plain elastic? Is conditioner something that goes in the washing machine? High maintenance hair and motherhood is a partnership doomed to failure.

Treat mum to a ‘do’ at Avant Garde Hair Salon in Haverhill. Expertly run by Vidal Sassoon trained Westley Hellen and his team, Avant Garde has an enviable reputation as one of the most creative, innovative salons in Haverhill. And yet because they very much follow the ethos of Mr Sassoon himself “to never 'concoct styles that just wash out, but cut a shape that stays in the hair, making it quick and simple to recreate every day” mum’s crowning glory will remain just that, no matter how little time she has each morning.

Please click here for further information about Avant Garde.

When you see mum in a black jacket and trousers, you know she’s working that day right? If she’s in jeans and a sweatshirt she’s not, and if she’s wearing heels she must be going out. You only need to look at what mum’s wearing to know what day it is. In fact, for Mother's Day, you were thinking of getting her a new blue sweatshirt to replace the blue sweatshirt she currently wears to death… sound familiar?

How about treating mum to a new found sense of style? A consultation with Image Consultant, Loraine Callow will open up a whole new world of colour and style for mum, dragging her (possibly kicking and screaming!) out of the 1980s/90s/00’s... or whichever decade she has inadvertently got wedged in.

This is the gift that goes on giving! Not only a refreshed and possibly replenished wardrobe, but a confidence boost that will remind her that she is more than just a mum. And Haverhill’s Loraine Callow, Image Consultant will do group sessions as well so mums and daughters could even share the experience (hopefully with dad handing over the plastic for a bit of a shopping spree!)

Please click here for more information about Loraine Callow, Image Consultant.

Now I’ve no doubt the walls of your home are adorned with delightful snaps of you as a baby, you and your siblings as cute toddlers, that first day of school or even a graduation photo? I’m thinking mum is nowhere to be seen on those walls. And I’m also thinking a suggestion from you that she go for a ‘photo shoot’ would be met with horror.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Haverhill’s favourite photographer David Doughty has years of experience putting people at ease allowing them to relax and enjoy a studio session, which results in a stunning selection of photo’s guaranteed to put a smile on the face of even the most reticent of mums.

A makeover and glamour shoot can be a real confidence boost, and David’s friendly manner coupled with his creativity ensure pictures that are flattering, tasteful and imaginative. Alternatively, if mum really hates being in front of the camera (I confess, that’s me) then David Doughty can capture beautiful images of couples, families and even pets in his Haverhill studio, so you can replace those fading photo’s of yourself with up to date photos… possibly again, of yourself! (Maybe with the dog, or grandchildren?)

Please click here for further details about David Doughty @ The Gallery.

Bringing up children, looking after the family and running a household are indeed labours of love for most mums, and few of us would ever change that. But when as children, no matter how old, we are presented with the opportunity to show how much we love and appreciate our mums, we should grab that opportunity with both hands. And with local businesses offering such a great range of services, you don’t even have to leave Haverhill!

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