Vote for your favourite Haverhill business in this year's Loved and Local Awards… you could bag yourself £100!
14th January 2015
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It’s that time of year again when we show our love and appreciation for the local businesses that we may sometimes be guilty of taking for granted.

Here at thebestof Haverhill we try to champion our local small businesses every single day, and at this time of year we like to give them a boost, and give the community a nudge, just to remind you how valuable these businesses are to the residents of Haverhill.

Why should you use your small, local businesses, when let’s face it, you can buy literally everything online these days? The internet also gives you access to legal advice, property services, holiday booking, tradespeople... the list is endless.

So what benefits are there to stepping out into the local High Street to avail yourselves of these goods and services?

Well firstly, there’s the ‘use it before you lose it’ element. Haverhill has a thriving community of local trades and businesses, but none of them would be immune to the risks and consequences of a drop in trade. Up and down the country where there were once bustling shopping streets you will now find only boarded up windows, an abundance of charity shops, and empty premises threatened with being flattened and replaced with an eyesore superstore.

Not only does using these businesses boost the local economy, but a diverse and busy town centre, respected local business services and trustworthy tradespeople speak volumes for the area as a whole and can therefore make it more appealing. This in turn, potentially boosts property values and encourages more investment into the area.

The benefits of the personal service you receive when using local businesses cannot be replicated by giant retailers, impersonal websites and multinational corporations.
When you shop local, you can be confident that your food hasn’t been shipped half way round the world to get to your plate. Farm shops offer fresh, organic produce, the local butcher will trim the fat from your joint, the fishmonger will remove every last bone and in the independent sandwich shop you can choose your own combination of fillings, freshly made with not a triangular plastic carton in sight.

When you go out looking for that special gift you’ll find a huge choice of quirky, hand made and unique pieces as opposed to mass produced goods with ‘Made in China’ stamped on the underside.

Use a local decorator and he’ll more than likely split his trade discount with you. The local plumbing firm you used for that bathroom re-fit will be thankful you recommended him to a friend, and will remember accordingly when your boiler goes on the blink.

Locally owned businesses create more jobs locally, they get involved in the community and they listen to their local customers, ultimately providing the products and services you actually want, not what suits them.

And in Haverhill, as we are fortunate enough to have a fabulous range of small, local businesses, then surely they deserve the love!

The Local and Loved Awards is a National competition aimed at recognising local businesses. Running from 6th January to 31st January 2015 it is your opportunity to show your love for a local business (or several!). All you have to do is click on the link at the top of the page and add your recommendation for a business who have served you well. Every time you add and verify a valid review (one per business) you will automatically be entered into the Local and Loved Prize Draw.

Already Ann N from Haverhill has had her bank balance boosted by £100 as the winner of the first draw this year, thanks to her recommendation of Haverhill favourite Dizzy’s Day Nursery. Fill in your review form and you could be next!

It’s still early days but Haverhill’s front runners for Most Loved are Hannington’s Jewellers, Dizzy’s Day Nursery and Preview Property Services with Hannington’s and Dizzy’s both sitting in 2nd place nationally in their categories. Let’s put Haverhill to the top of the small business tree, and support and show the love for our valued local businesses… there’s still plenty of time.

Please click here to recommend a Haverhill business.

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