Two Village Schools maintain ‘outstanding’ rank after Ofsted visit
27th May 2011
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Two Village Schools maintain ‘outstanding’ rank after Ofsted visit


Two schools in Linton have been ranked ‘outstanding’ following an interim assessment by OFSTED. Linton Village College (LVC) and Linton Infant School both received the top mark in 2007, and have been given the same rank on the judgements based on the performance indicators from the Department of Education.


All outstanding schools receive an ‘interim assessment’ rather than a full inspection. An open letter from OFSTED to parents of Linton Infants’ School pupils, Christine Gilbert said: “I am pleased to inform you that our interim assessment indicates performance has been sustained and we will not be inspecting your school unless we receive further information that raises concerns.


“We will continue to undertake annual assessments of the school’s performance. I wish everyone involved in the school continues success in the future.”

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