This seasons flowers revealed!
5th October 2011
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Many flowers are now available all year round thanks to new technologies in horticultural but some are better quality and value during this time of year. Many favourites like Orchids, Dahlias and Oakleaves have just come back into season. Others such as Chrysanth Blooms, Dahlias and Hypericums are also quite popular in the autumn season.

Apart from just naturally blooming this time of year, one of the main reasons that these flowers are so popular now are the fact that their colours match the autumnal look perfectly. The rich reds and yellows mixed together make a perfect seasonal bloom that will brighten up and warm any room.

The fact that they are so readily available means that not only can you get a lot of that type of flower – you can get more for a very low price. This causes flowers such as Orchids to become more popular than the common Roses during this season.

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