The revolution in education - what does it mean for Haverhill?
6th May 2011
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Wanting the best for Haverhill

The bestofhaverhill will hold its next business meeting on Thursday 19th May at The Days Inn, Haverhill, from 10am to 11.30am. 

The theme of "Wanting the best for Haverhill" continues with guest speakers from Haverhill’s two outstanding colleges. Heads, Madeleine Vigar, Castle Manor Business & Enterprise College and Howard Lay, Samuel Ward Academy, will give an update on the huge changes taking place in education and the impact they will undoubtedly have on our future workforce.

Passionate about the future of education

Ms Vigar and Mr Lay are passionate about the future of education and have worked tirelessly to turn the town’s colleges into successful and respected centres of excellence.  Samuel Ward received Outstanding Academy status in November last year and Castle Manor Business & Enterprise College received the go-ahead to become an all through academy, for five to nineteen year olds, in March this year.

Both colleges are highly aspirational. Pupils benefit from innovative teaching techniques and a nurturing environment in which they are valued for who they are and encouraged to make the right choices with regard to education, behavior and lifestyle.

A revolution taking place in education

Many people, not directly involved in the education sector, may be unaware of the full extent and impact of the huge changes already taking place in education and set to continue under the coalition government. From the introduction of free schools and academies; the cancellation of projects under the Building Schools for the Future initiative; international GSCEs and the raising of the school leaving age in 2013, education in the UK is undergoing a revolution. 

Elaine Carr, owner of thebestofhaverhill comments, “We are very fortunate, in Haverhill, to have such successful upper schools for our young people to attend. Both head teachers are inspirational and have been the driving force behind turning the town’s schools into something special not only within Suffolk but nationally.  As a town I think we should be very proud of what has been achieved at Castle Manor and Samuel Ward. As a business community we should be supporting both colleges, in any way we can, to achieve even greater success.

I hope the local business community will take this opportunity to join bestofhaverhill and to learn firsthand about the changes taking place in education which are, undoubtedly, going to affect the workforce of the future.”

Book your place

If you would like to attend this free event at The Days Inn Haverhill please call Elaine Carr on 01440 710 158 or email by Monday 16th May.

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