The Homemade Home
25th January 2012
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The increasing trend for homemade style interiors has no sign of slowing down it seems. Thanks to programmes like Kirsty Allsops 'Homemade Home' and the tightening of purse strings caused by the gloomy economy, this style of interior accessories has gone from strength to strength. There are countless do-it-yourself kits on the market that you can buy on Amazon or from craft shops. I have given some of these a go myself. However it's not for everyone yet a lot of people still like the style itself, it's homely and cosy. There are many small boutique style shops or online stores that sell these handmade items. I myself run an online homewares store and was inspired by my love of the 'Homemade Home' along with a passion for Shabby Chic and vintage style which lead me to source affordable vintage inspired homewares.  

Homemade style interiors encompasses anything from handmade quintessentially British cushions to tea cosies. It's a fun style that gives you the chance to bring some personality into your home. Not so long ago when house sales were at their peek everyone was talking about minimalistic style with cream and white interiors everywhere to make your home appealing to a potential buyer. Now with more and more people deciding to put moving on hold, houses are getting their personality back. A neutral  backdrop is a good place to start if you are a little timid with colour but make sure you add in some pops of colour with your accessories. Charity shops are another place to source great finds, just be brave in your choices and go with what attracts you and not what you think the trends may be. Remember this style is about personality & comfortable style so enjoy it.

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