The Best of Haverhill brings you some top tips for safe driving this winter
15th December 2010
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Following the recent record low temperatures and with severe weather warnings forecast for much of the UK at the end of the week, The Best of Haverhill bring you some top tips for keeping safe in your car.


Keeping your distance from the car in front is the most important tip when driving in icy conditions.


In slippery conditions, it is advised to drive with reduced tyre air pressure as this increases the contact area of tyres, creating more grip. Remember to re-inflate tyres when normal conditions return!


Drive smoothly on a slippery road surface - with little or no grip, a big steer is likely to put your car into a spin.


Brakes should be used more gently and sparingly in icy conditions and if you do feel the car starting to skid, release and re-apply the brake.


Driving with the car in a higher gear than you would normally use reduces the chance of the car spinning out of control. It is also advisable to make use of the gears when you can, to slow down gently and reduce the use of the brake.


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