Ted - Short Film Review
22nd August 2012
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No one would have ever had guessed that a film about a talking teddy bear would have become a new blockbuster hit in this day and age, but thanks to the creator of ‘Family Guy’, new movie ‘Ted’ has become just that – a worldwide success. 

Originally thought to just be aimed at young people and teens, ‘Ted’ has actually shocked the minds of the creators and become a huge hit amongst the entire population. Many fans flocked to the big screens after they discovered that this was the ‘Family Guy’ creator’s first major feature-length picture, however massive ratings proved that you could have easily never seen an episode of the hit American cartoon in your life and yet still enjoy the show. 

For those of you that haven’t yet seen the film (you’re missing out!), the film actually has a pretty cheesey storyline – a guy that brings his teddy bear to life, spends his life with it, they have an argument and fall, then eventually make up. It’s the perfect plot for a film that you’d expect to see on something like CBBC. However, film creator and ‘Ted’s voice actor Seth Macfarlane has cleverly made this ‘kids film’ into a rude, yet hilariously funny movie that earned itself a certificate of 15. 

This unrealistic yet somehow plausible storyline is typical of Seth Macfarlane, who uses plots much like these within his popular cartoons ‘Family Guy’, ‘American Dad’ and ‘The Cleveland Show’, one of them actually featuring a talking bear too! It’s these snippets of Macfarlane’s humour that we also see slip out during ‘Ted’, as he manages to master the difficult art of combining slapstick and sarcastic humour without making it seem ridiculous or annoying. 

In conclusion, if you love Seth’s other fantastic creations go and see the film (the cast is practically made up of the cast of ‘Family Guy’ anyway). And if you’ve never heard of Seth Macfarlane or ‘Family Guy’ or even seen the trailer for ‘Ted’, go and see the film too anyway. It really is one of those movies that everyone loves, as I’m yet to find a person that has managed to remain straight –faced through the entire feature. 


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