Small Businesses can really make a difference!
1st December 2014
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Pressure is increasing from the Government, the public, the media and our customers for businesses to ensure they behave in a more responsible manner. Customers are also getting harder to reach and engage, and at the same time, the level of customer scrutiny of businesses is growing.

If you talk about the good that your business does and make it public knowledge, your customers will know you care. Their level of engagement will increase as they see the work you do for their local community, making them more supportive and loyal to your business.


What is Trading for Good?

Trading for Good is a not-for-profit digital service on a mission to help small businesses improve their reputation and grow their business by showcasing the good work they do in their communities.

It’s all about championing your great work and making it public knowledge to give customers more choice and a reason to send their business your way. This is a vitally important initiative for businesses to get on board with as consumers themselves can judge who they want to spend their money with.

Trading for Good aims to inspire businesses to be more socially responsible and strongly believe that successful businesses are responsible businesses.

Trading for Good also gives free advice to local businesses to help them get involved in socially responsible projects. Shout about the good that you do whether it be: supporting charities and communities, helping young people in work, improve the impact you are having on the environment, working better with your suppliers or making life better for your employees.


Who does Trading for Good benefit?

  • Your Customers: Word of mouth can make or break a business. By showing your customers the good that you do, a positive and powerful message will be delivered to your existing customers and your prospects. Customers can explore your company profile and decide who they buy from or work with, according to the socially responsible activities you are involved with.
  • SME’s: Socially responsible trading is great for small to medium sized enterprises. It can help you to build your profile and to communicate your values which in turn means you will attract new customers.
  • Society: Local communities benefit from the added value created from a vibrant and ethical business community that supports and employs local people.
  • Large Businesses: By working with a large supply chain of ethical SMEs it shows you care and understand their social values.


By joining Trading for Good, we can show the world that transparent reporting helps to build our reputations and trust in our business economy as well as our high streets. It’s free and simple to sign up, and members can benefit from a number of fantastic features.
For more information on Trading for Good and how it works, click here. 

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