Six Weeks of Success at Sixth Form!
17th October 2011
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With the half term holiday approaching – to the joy of us students – it gives me great pleasure to report that my first 6 weeks as a Castle Manor Sixth Form student has been rather pleasant and peaceful.

Having not fallen victim to the 'Sir, I want to change my lessons' virus that seemed to sweep the year within the first couple of weeks (I actually managed to pick suitable lessons the first time round!) the quality of my subjects not only met my expectations, but exceeded them.

I have to admit that I was slightly worried on how I would react to the much younger years being present throughout the school – would the teachers be able to talk to us like the adults we are or would we still be classed as one of the usual students? However the manner in which we are treated has really prepared me for the way that I would be dealt with in the big wide world of work. Yes it is a lot stricter, but we wouldn't get that second chance to meet a deadline at a workplace; so why should it be any different in 6th form?

The independence all of us were yearning for towards the end of year 11 has finally been granted; that and the need to finally ditch the uniform! So I am pleased to say that (so far!) 6th form is proving be a decision in my life that I am not regretting. Will I still be saying that in June when the exams are taking place? Well perhaps not, we'll have to wait and see!

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