Sassoon's Hair! Colour Collection Now Available at Avant Garde!
30th November 2012
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As you may already know, Avant Garde's stylist Wes specialises in using high quality hair products and colours from world famous company Sassoon.

Recently, Sassoon have launched a brand new collection called Hair!, promising to achieve a higher state of hair colour not only in the salon, but at home too. A brand new colour palette has also been developed, featuring some more daring colours such as aqua, soft pink, burnt orange and gold, all colours inspired by the 'hippie' era. These colours are meant to be worked through cool blonde and brown bases using Sassoon’s bases and highlighting techniques, meaning that the colour is only revealed when the hair softly moves. This enables you to take on a more daring colour to what you're normally used to, but without going too far outside your comfort zone.

A new colour technique has also been developed alongside this new palette. Sassoon say that this involves rotating three to four colours in tonal harmony layer through layer and back again, which will create an intricate shading of colours that create a feel of movement and texture in the hair and accentuate the shape of the cuts.

All the models in their Hair! Colour Collection magazine mimic the hairstyles of Sassoon’s greatest 60's muses – Mia Farrow, Marsha Hunt, Nancy Kwan and Veruschka. UK Colour Director Edward Darley says they used the 'sixties freedom of expression combined with Sassoon house codes'. This new collection is sure to change the way you think about your hair – the new colours and techniques mean that you can now think of your hair as fashion piece or statement, inspired by the great 60's era.

Sassoon have also ensured that this inspirational colour stays put even after you leave the salon, by creating an 'Illuminating Homecare Regime' that you can use at home to ensure your hair stays smooth and coloured.

Whilst you're at the salon, Sassoon have made sure that every hair colouring is unique thanks to the creation of their Chromatology range, a range that is tailored to the individuals hair and results in extremely accurate hair colour. When combining this with their new Hair! colour palette, you'll get the results of a natural hair colour, but with hints of added confidence thanks to the colours.

All techniques and colours mentioned are available at Avant Garde right now – just ask Wes for any extra information that you may have. Click on Avant Garde for more information about the salon.

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