Revamp your house!
13th June 2012
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This year is certainly going to be one for Britain to remember – the Jubilee has just been and the much awaited  Olympics are not too far away. These historic events are sure to give Britain a brand new image and gain great respect for our proud nation. 


So why not join in with all the change and image re-branding by giving your very own little world a much needed revamp, thanks to well respected interior designers, Finishing Touch Interiors.


Very popular amongst the interior designing world at the moment is the idea of using old styles remodelled with new trends and ideas, so your home feels comforting yet modern. Bright colours and contrasting tones are also quite popular, but if a subtle look is more your thing then perhaps more calmer tones like black, grey, white and light blue will create that desired elegant look. Also, by using pale pinks and golds against various white textiles and neutral drapes you will create the never outdated romantic style of interior designing, perfect for bedrooms.


Sarah, owner of Finishing Touch Interiors, will be on hand to make sure that home is ready for the revamp that Britain is sure to gain this year. For more information and to book your appointment with Sarah now, click on Finishing Touch Interiors. 

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