Planning A New Bathroom
28th December 2011
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Designing a bathroom well comes with mixing practicality and style. The main elements you need to plan are the fixtures, considering plumbing and space as you make these plansThere is such a large variety of pottery to choose from - cost, space and your style all come into your choice of decision here.

The bathroom like the kitchen can be the most costly when it comes to a makeover  but they are also the rooms that will potentially add the most value to your home as well. But updating your bathroom doesnt have to cost a fortune. If you want to replace your sanitary ware without a huge price tag choose it in classic white pottery and match it with plain white tiles. These tend to be less costly and have the advantage of not dating. You can always add some colour with your accessories.

White also gives the feeling of space as well as tranquility. Your bathroom is not just a practical cleansing place for your daily washing routine, these days we want a sanctuary to soothe our spirits and aid us in relaxation. At times a lot of us lead stressful and busy lives and we need a space to come home to where we can relax and unwind. Not all of us can afford trips out to a health spa, so creating a tranquil oasis in our own homes is becoming an important part of planning a bathroom. 


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