Planning a clear-out this Jubilee weekend? Make sure you know the Haverhill bin collection and tip opening times
28th May 2012
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A bank holiday weekend...


For many, it’s the chance to stop, relax and do absolutely nothing. For others, it’s the perfect time to catch up with friends and family and party into the wee hours, safe in the knowledge that work is still a few days away.


And for people like me, it’s an opportunity to get all those annoying jobs done – you know, the removal of that irritating stud wall, ripping out two disgusting 1960’s gas fireplaces, pulling up the carpet to sand those floorboards, replastering the entire hallway...


Oh, so that’s just me then?


Ok, so my mammoth renovation job may be a little more than most people’s idea of DIY, but a lot of us will be doing some redecorating - perhaps clearing out that box room or simply de-cluttering the house. If you are planning a Jubilee party to end all Jubilee parties, the last thing you want is to put the bins out and realise the next day that they’re still there because you didn’t realise that the collection days had changed. Similarly, if you’re getting that sledgehammer, electric drill, wallpaper steamer and scraper out, you don’t then want to drive across to the tip only to find that it’s closed.


Luckily, thebestof Haverhill is here to help, with the latest news on bin collections and recycling centre opening times (aren’t we good!?)


Changes to Haverhill bin collections


Due to the long weekend, bin collections in Haverhill will change slightly next week (I personally feel quite sorry for the bin men, as it looks as if they won’t be having Tuesday off...)


Normal collection day: Monday 4th June; revised collection day: Tuesday 5th June

Normal collection day: Tuesday 5th June; revised collection day: Wednesday 6th June

Normal collection day: Wednesday 6th June; revised collection day: Thursday 7th June

Normal collection day: Thursday 7th June; revised collection day: Friday 8th June

Normal collection day: Friday 8th June; revised collection day: Saturday 9th June


Don’t forget to ensure that the correct bins are out by 7am on collection day, or you may very well be stuck with the remnants of those Jubilee celebrations (and shenanigans!) much longer than you’d like.


Planning on taking rubbish to the tip?


The good news is that although many of the shops will be closed over the Jubilee weekend, the Household Waste Recycling Centre in Haverhill is open throughout the bank holiday from 10am until 4pm apart from Saturday when it is open from 9am until 5pm.

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