Place Farm Primary Academy at the Circus
5th October 2012
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Pupils in Year 2 at Place Farm Primary Academy had a fantastic afternoon on Wednesday when Attilla Endresz, the Ring Master from John Lawson’s Circus, paid them a visit. Pupils had been fortunate enough to have two children from the circus in their class for 3 days this week while the circus was in town.

Attilla spent two hours with the class in the afternoon and was full of information, and passion, about the circus and the life the circus lives. He talked through the way his children were educated, by visiting schools in each town while they toured and in their home school when they are at home in the winter months. He also shared lots of stories about his experience in this circus and other circuses around the world.

The pupils were also wowed with a practical demonstration of his juggling and whip cracking skills! It was a wonderful experience for the pupils and provided a wonderful way to mark the end of their current unit on the circus, which has seen them creating a circus space in the school. Pupils were full of enthusiasm for the visitor and when he left they were already considering how they might learn to juggle!

Head of School, Mrs Reed, commented on the visit “It’s wonderful to use the local resources and it has been a joy to have to have the children from the circus learning with us. We knew the children were arriving as it was pre-arranged, but having Attilla in for the visit was a wonderful way to bring the learning alive.”

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