New Year, New You…how can you make that resolution stick this year?
12th January 2015
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Every year it’s the same. After the serious over indulgences of the festive period, the cold weather leading our thoughts to fantasies about sun drenched beaches, we vow that this is the year we WILL get ourselves into shape, and for once, that shape won’t be round!

And yet it never quite seems to happen. Tried and tested excuses are wheeled out like old friends that have served us well in the past. I don’t have the time, I can’t afford gym fees, I don’t have the right equipment.

And, confident we have justified our enforced sedentary lifestyle, we lament the inevitability of remaining a bit of a porker, whilst finishing off the last of the Christmas chocs (which obviously have to be eaten, for waste is sinful.)

If 2015 isn’t going to another year of failed crash diets before a big event, wasted gym fees, soul destroying shopping trips and voluminous beach cover ups maybe it’s time we took a look at those excuses.

You don’t have the equipment… oh yes you do!

We are all in possession of the only essential piece of equipment necessary to get fit and lose weight, and what’s more it’s conveniently attached to the lower half of your body. Legs, that’s all you need. Arms can be quite useful too. In order to activate this equipment you will need to add a brain, possibly a little willpower. But the good news is most of us come fully fitted with all this equipment at no additional charge.

You don’t have the gym fees

But what about the free gym? It’s open 24 hours a day and is available to all…it’s called outside. And this is where you can put your equipment to good use. You can walk (radical I know!) or even jog or run, if you feel so inclined. 

You can go for one long walk or break it down into smaller, more manageable spurts that incorporate it into your daily life, like going to the shops, taking the kids to school or the dog for a walk. Just getting out of a stuffy, centrally heated house and taking in some fresh air is an instant energy boost.

Admittedly, there will be times when the outdoor gym is just too inhospitable, when you just can’t venture outside.

This is where we turn to our personal indoor gym. We have stairs to be climbed, beds to be made, windows to be cleaned, carpets to vacuum. To benefit from the housework workout all you need to do is be conscious of the amount of movement, stretching and effort you put into the chores and work up a bit of a sweat!

You don’t have the time… possibly the flimsiest excuse ever invented!

When exercise is incorporated into your normal daily routine, you don’t NEED any extra time. Basically, as illustrated above, any activity can be beneficial if you put the right amount of effort in. But if you have no children, no dog, no choice but to drive to your sedentary job, employ a cleaner for all your housework and do all your shopping online because every minute of your day is spoken for then maybe you genuinely have no time.

After all, when you’re as busy as you are you’re entitled to relax in front of the TV in the evening right? Gotcha!
One episode of Coronation Street alone affords around 9 minutes exercise time, in the commercial breaks before, during and after. Use this time to run up and down stairs or do some squats and crunches. How many commercial breaks do we sit through in the course of an evening? Use them, and they can add up to a substantial amount of exercise time. Time you didn’t know you had.

Don’t do it for yourself

How many times do we hear ‘don’t lose weight/get fit for someone else, do it for YOU.’ That’s all well and good but also means giving up is a lot easier, the only person losing out is us.

Commit to get fit for a worthwhile cause on the other hand gives a goal, a sense of purpose and can offer much needed group support.


Plans are already well underway for the 2015 Haver10. Held in aid of St Nicholas Hospice Care the Sanofi 10k will start at Haverhill Leisure Centre on Sunday 12th April 2015.

Entry to the race is £14 and the 'Get Ready For Haver10' package includes membership of Haverhill Running Club (for 6 months) and the chance to attend club training sessions.
By signing up now you have plenty of time to prepare, and training in a group will give you all the support and motivation you might need to reach your goal. And with Running Club weekend runs plus a number of tailored training events April should see you raring to go and ready for a 10k. And of course it’s all in aid of a good cause, so it’s a win win situation.

Last year’s inaugural Haver10 event was attended by around 185 runners, was a resounding success raising funds and having fun.

If you think a 10k might be beyond your capabilities there’s still plenty of opportunity to get involved, with a Fun Run being held before the main race.

Why stop there?

Keep that training regime going and you could be fit to take on the challenge of the HaverHalf. Held at Castle Manor Academy, the Real Bodies Half Marathon is on Sunday 25th October and is again being held in aid of St Nicholas Hospice Care. Ok, this is a long way off and we will certainly recap the details nearer the time. But sign up now and keep that end goal in sight.

If you really think this is too ambitious for you then the Haver5 will be held the day before, on Saturday 24th October. And again there will be a 2k Fun Run before the HaverHalf. And if running really isn’t your thing you can still be part of these great events by volunteering as a Marshall.

For more details and links to registration, go to our Events pages.

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