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11th February 2014
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Ok, so it’s Tuesday and so far this week I have seen three ‘surprise’ marriage proposals on television.

And oh how my heart melted… well no, it didn’t, I cringed. And what’s more I cringed along with two of the recipients of these proposals, although they tried a little harder to hide it than I did.

The third ‘proposee’ was rendered speechless with delight as her true love dropped on bended knee before her for this most intimate of moments, shared only with several million daytime TV viewers. Tears coursed down her cheeks as she accepted the ring and I knew right then, that in their first private moment, away from the camera, she would be marching him straight back to the jewellers to change it for one that matched the extravagance of his proposal.

Alright, call me cynical if you will; I stand guilty as charged. But really, if people (I.e. men) don’t feel pressured enough this week to get it right, these highly public displays of unbridled affection can only be adding to it.

Fear not gentlemen. I would be so bold as to venture that the women who dream of being proposed to in front of millions of strangers are few and far between, so if you think your declaration of love won’t be valid without a hoard of witnesses then please cease to worry. In fact, please cease to worry anyway – just think.

So many men get it wrong on Valentine’s Day because they have been programmed to accept the stereotype. They therefore believe that all every woman wants is the biggest bouquet of the most expensive flowers available (preferably delivered to them at work so she can bask in the envy of all her friends) or a box of chocolate creations hand made by fairies, sprinkled with edible gold dust and delivered on the wings of a unicorn.

Pity the guys with the asthmatic or overweight partner, unable to call on these old standbys and thus having to contemplate long weekends in Paris via private jet, a hot air balloon trip to take in the Northern Lights, or hiring Lionel Ritchie to serenade her over dinner at The Ivy.

Really, not necessary. I give you my exclusive, essential guide to Valentine’s Day survival:

  • Don’t forget.
  • Don't buy her an iron.

Pretty simple really! The most important thing is to think about what your nearest and dearest would actually love to receive on Valentine’s Day. Don’t think about what all the hype says you should be doing, or about what your friends are doing for their other halves, not even about what YOU think would be a great gift.

No need to go to Paris or Rome, or spend enough to rescue the Greek economy; her simple and affordable pleasures can be found right here in Haverhill. Ask any woman what her ultimate luxury would be and an overwhelming majority of them would answer ‘a bit of me time.’

Arevolution is a Haverhill sanctuary where you can be pampered to within an inch of your life! Top to toe treatments for beauty, relaxation and invigoration that would leave anyone feeling loved and loving. Gift vouchers are available so that your other half can choose exactly what treatment is best for them. And ladies, Arevolution’s Gentleman’s Club means that this gift is not just one for the girls on Valentine’s Day.

Please click here for more information about Arevolution.

There are few women who will not grab the offer of a hair makeover with both hands. Ok, in my mother’s day a trip to the hairdressers for a ‘shampoo and set’ was a weekly occurrence for many. These days with time and budget constraints, this now falls into the ‘luxury’ bracket for a lot of ladies. Avant Garde in Haverhill create unique, individual yet easy to manage styles. Treat her to a gift voucher and in the safe hands of owner and top stylist Westley Hellen your lady will emerge even lovelier than the day you met!

Please click here to find out more about Avant Garde in Haverhill.

Admittedly, some women prefer the DIY approach to hair and beauty – after all, we’re not all the same (thankfully I hear you say). Keeping fit and healthy is an important aspect of busy ladies these days and if your other half is the sporty, practical type then a visit to Aerocycles in Haverhill will reveal a selection of gift ideas from the classiest cycling gear through to a brand new top of the range bike (come on, she’s worth it!)

Please click here for more information about Aerocycles.

They say that the couple that play together stay together! Now before you go all ‘oooerr missuss’ I’m talking golf here. Haverhill Golf Club is offering free taster days throughout February and March, as well as 2 for 1 midweek green fees, through our Offers page. Set in the most beautiful parkland, bisected by the River Stour and offering some of the best greens in Suffolk, Haverhill Golf Club is ideal for beginners and experienced golfers alike.

Now obviously I’m not suggesting free golf as a suitable Valentine’s Day gift on its own! But the golf shop at Haverhill Golf Club has an extensive array of quality clothing and equipment. And dining in the clubhouse gives the opportunity to share an excellent bottle of wine to accompany a delicious freshly prepared meal from the clubhouse menu. If you really want to splash out (and again, this is a unisex Valentines gift) on our offers page you will find 12 months Parklands Academy membership available for £360.

Click here to access our latest offers.

Traditionalists amongst you may feel that the ultimate declaration of true love should always come in the form of precious metals and gems. Can’t say I would ever disagree with that! Tony Strowger Jewellers of Haverhill have the perfect solution in their unique range of designer and bespoke jewellery. Stunning costume jewellery from Fiorelli, beautiful Skagen designer watches or individual pieces designed and made on the premises are all there to ensure you find the perfect gift for the perfect person, at prices to suit all budgets.

Please click here for further details about Tony Strowger Jewellers.

Finally, fancy adding a bit of spice to your Valentines night? Dining out at Raj Mahal offers the ultimate in delicious, authentic Indian cuisine. Voted Best in Town for the past three years by Haverhill Weekly News readers, the Raj Mahal provides excellent food in a friendly relaxed atmosphere.

Click here to find out more about Raj Mahal.

Or for the ultimate in relaxed and intimate, especially at the end of a long hard week and whether it’s Valentine’s Day or not, there is little to beat curling up with a good takeaway, a bottle of wine and the love of your life. No cooking, no washing up just sit back and wait for Haverhill Tandoori to deliver a sensational spicy delight to your door. Highly commended in the prestigious Tiffin Cup last year, Haverhill Tandoori prepare both the popular selection of traditional spicy Indian dishes alongside those which concentrate on more fragrant, delicate flavours.

Please click here for full details for Haverhill Tandoori.

So there you have it, a selection of perfect Valentine’s Day solutions and not a pink fluffy bunny in sight. Can I just make one teeny suggestion though… whatever you decide to do, back it up with flowers!

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