Need a new look for Spring? How does Iconic from Avant Garde sound?
30th April 2013
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Winter weather can wreak havoc on your hair. Wind, rain, snow plus central heating equals dry, dull, brittle hair, which in my case is currently doing a seriously good impression of a Brillo pad. We can slap on the make up and fake tan, diet and exercise to within an inch of a size ten, and shop for the most stylish wardrobe the High Street has to offer, but if the crowning glory is less than, well, glorious, I for one remain stuck in 'bag lady' mode.  Time for action.

Next week marks the first anniversary of the sad day the world lost a true hairdressing genius, one Vidal Sassoon.  It is, therefore, only fitting that the Sassoon Spring Summer collection is launched under the 'Iconic' banner. And if you are looking for the classic, timeless cuts that made Sassoon such an icon, then look no further than Avant Garde in Haverhill, owned and run by Vidal Sassoon trained stylist Westley Hellen.

The philosophy behind the creative genius is relatively simple... work with hair in its natural state, apply precision techniques specific to each individual client and create a bespoke hair design based on ultimate suitability for that client.  

The Iconic collection is a range of chic and versatile cuts, not lacking in a nod to the original 60's designs, brought right into the 21st Century with expert styling and natural colours.  Versatility remains at the core of the styles, a Mia Farrow pixie cut worn sleek and severe one day, tousled and textured the next, the trademark geometric bob, with colour trends that are natural yet striking.  Sassoon salons are famous for using colour to accentuate a cut, current trends lean towards neutral browns with a touch of sable, gleaming copper with subtle yet enlivening highlights and natural, honey blonde shades. The collection reinvents the very best of their classic styles with the emphasis remaining on versatility, suitability and individuality.

Westley's clients at Avant Garde reap the benefits of his Sassoon training, both in the creative styling and client focussed vision that Sassoon pioneered. Hair design that begins with the client, the shape of the face, tone of the skin, facial features and lifestyle.  Cuts and colours are designed to enhance and complement the individual and with Westley's expert cutting skills his clients leave the salon with a style they know can be recreated at home every day. 

And that's the real beauty of hair by Avant Garde, you KNOW that when you step out of the shower the next day, or the next week, following Westley's styling tips you will leave the house looking just as you did when you left the Salon.  You can do your hair with just the two arms you were blessed with, without the need to be a contortionist and with minimal use of potentially damaging styling aids, and you can still get to work on time!

If you fancy treating yourself from head to toe (or fingertips) then why not ask Westley's wife Collette for a set of the beautiful gel overlays she specialises in?  A gentle treatment that is a combination of gel and polish you can have beautiful, strong and polished nails that last for up to three weeks.  You could even give your toes a makeover with a Minx foil wrap, giving customised nail art in a fraction of the time it takes to do it free hand... perfect for the flip flop weather that is just around the corner! 

With his dedication to his craft and passion for the very highest level of customer care, it's no wonder Westley and Avant Garde are acquiring their own iconic status here in Haverhill!

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