Minutes of the Haverhill Safer Neighbourhood Team Meeting
23rd September 2014
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The last SNT meeting was held at the Haverhill Arts Centre on Monday 8th September. 16 members of the public were joined by 6 Councillors, Insp. Peter Ferrie, Ps Matt Gilbert, Pc Mark Ellis (SNT Sgt), PCSO Les Scott and Diane Townsend CWLO Suffolk Police. The chairman welcomed the public and thanked them for their attendance. 

An update was given on the priorities-

a)    Illegal Drug taking in public places.

Uniform patrols were increased. During the last 3 months a total of 79 additional patrols have been conducted on the Aeroplane Park (50) and in Wortham Place (58) 10 Encounter slips submitted, 14 Stop & Search Forms submitted and 1 positive seizure of drugs.

b)   Burglary dwellings.

Significant decrease in burglaries in residential areas.  47 additional patrols carried out on the Chalkstone.

c)    Reducing dangerous and illegal use of pedal cycles on pavements. Daily patrols carried out on the High Street, a total of 11 warnings handed out.

3.  New Priorities

At the beginning of the meeting the public were asked to record any issues they wanted raised as a priority, these were collected along with those that came from in online and the following issues were raised:

  • Drugs in Haverhill in particular on the Parkway & The Green.
  • Parking issues Burton End area
  • Speeding in Shetland & Hollands Road
  • Anti-Social behaviour by cars & mopeds around the town.
  • Anti-Social behaviour in Strasbourg Square & possible drugs use.
  • More patrols of empty boarded up buildings to limit damage and ASB.
  • Speeding through Great Wratting
  • Shoplifting

Of these the public selected the following were selected as priorities for the next 3 months:

  • Drug Taking – Crack down on illegal drug use specifically on the Parkway estate, The Green.
  • ASB in Strasbourg Square with possible drugs use.
  • ASB by cars a & mopeds around the town.

Insp. Ferrie commented that all the issues raised by the public had been recorded and although the Police focus would be on the priorities, it would not preclude them from acting on the other issues as resources allowed.

The next meeting will be held on 8th December 2014 at The Arts Centre, Haverhill starting at 7.00 pm. Refreshments provided.

Click here to view the Haverhill Police News for the week commencing 11th September.

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