Make no mistake, Haverhill has all you need for the perfect Mother's Day gift
6th March 2013
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Up and down the country an army of mums are practising their 'I love it' face, in anticipation of their family's efforts being not quite what she had in mind for Mothers' Day.  So let's get a few things straight (dads, listen up).

NO kitchen gadgets, no new iron, not that breadmaker and definitely not a state of the art vacuum cleaner.  Yes, she may have been hankering over the latest Dyson ball but Mother's Day is not the time to give it.  All these so called 'gifts' do is to confirm her position as housekeeper.

NO diet books, exercise DVDs or pink dumb bells which simply say 'I love you but I'd love you more if you were thinner.'

Anything that carries the logo #1 Mum (or worse #1 MOM) 'Worlds Greatest' or 'Best Mum Ever.'  You may think she is but she really doesn't want the t-shirt/mug or necklace to prove it - resist that marketing machine!

Toiletries presented in baskets.  Designer fragrances do NOT come in baskets.

Anything that is 'as seen on TV.'  Yes she may have said that giant blanket with sleeves looks cosy, or wondered if a Ped Egg actually works, but these are just simple musings, not a hint.  And while we're on the subject, just because the marketing men have cunningly put the word 'Mum' on that compilation CD does not mean it will be full of her favourite tunes.

Even if garden tools are pink and flowery it still does not make them acceptable as a gift; ditto DIY tools designed for 'ladies' (by a patronising man) or heaven forbid, car accessories.

No Mother's Day gift should EVER be bought from a supermarket, not even a big out of town one.

So, if you've just screwed your list up into a ball and are searching for the drawing board, never fear.  Haverhill has got EXACTLY what you need to show mum that you care enough to put some thought into her present.

You really can't go wrong if you say it with flowers.  Wait!  Move away from the petrol station.  When we say flowers, we mean proper flowers.  Now get yourself down to Blooming Lovely Studio, situated just off Haverhill High Street and full to overflowing with the most exquisite floral creations. 

Specialising in bespoke floristry with all bouquets and arrangements created using only the freshest of blooms, Blooming Lovely help you choose from the largest choice of blooms in Haverhill combining colours and scents to create a handmade and unique work of floral art.  By listening to what you want they will design a bouquet or arrangement to reflect the sentiment and thoughtfulness with which it is given.  

So if the mum in your life is a traditionalist or loves something a bit different and exotic, Blooming Lovely will deliver exactly what you need (and yes, they do deliver!)

Who doesn't love to be pampered?  arevolution of Haverhill provide an extensive range of relaxing and beautifying treatments to make mum feel like a million dollars.  On a good day most mums may have just enough time to smear on a bit of lippy before the school run, and consider taking a bath without interruption to be the height of luxury. Give Gift Vouchers for arevolution (and a day to herself to enjoy them!) and she can spend some hard earned 'me time' in the relaxed surroundings of this town centre beauty sanctuary.

As winners of the Business Of The Year, Retailer Of The Year & Small Business Award 2011 arevolution have the credentials to prove their quality standards of service and treatments come at prices to suit all pocket. With a choice of facials, nail care packages, massage, tanning and body treatments which include the divine sounding Island Wrap, Coconut Creme Body Glow and Grand Paradise Experience the highly qualified, professional therapists at arevolution will give mum a visit to remember and watch her emerge as a new woman!  They also have a lovely selection of gifts including handmade jewellery, body care products, and world leading and award winning nail products.

Is mum's crowning glory looking a little more Patrick Moore than Demi Moore?  Well don't put it in so many words, but treat her to a visit to Avant Garde in Haverhill and she'll thank you every morning as her perfectly cut and styled hair falls effortlessly into place. Avant Garde prides itself in being a salon with a difference, promoting individuality, personal expression and creativity.  

Owner Westley Hellen trained as a Vidal Sassoon hairdresser.  Style icon Sassoon changed the face of hairdressing and his cutting style creates shapes and styles designed to be quick and simple to recreate long after you leave the salon.  Westley uses his creativity and technical skill to achieve these same results, enhancing each look with colour, texture and styling.  Avant Garde is fun, fashionable and experimental but Wesley's skills and experience mean that no matter how 'out there' your chosen style may be, it will be expertly created and designed to flatter.

As an extra treat why not let Westley's wife, Colette treat mum's nails to a glamorous gel overlay treatment?  Far gentler than most nail treatments yet the finished result is a flawless finish, and fantastic colour and shine that lasts for weeks, whilst helping strengthen your natural nails. You could even add some up to the minute nail art!  

If mum loves browsing through Home and Interiors magazines, then you are sure to find something she'll love at Finishing Touch Interiors - The Boutique who have an impressive range of homewares, accessories and soft furnishings.

Steer clear of the utensils and anything that remotely smacks of housework! It's easy to concentrate on the beautiful vintage inspired soft furnishings, hand stitched cushions, gift sets, candles and votives, vintage style china and quirky home accessories.  The online store is owned and run by Haverhill-based interior designer, Sarah Gibbs whose passion for design and eye for the unusual means you are sure to find something unique that mum will love. 

Diamonds are a mum's best friend, as are gold, silver, watches, designer beads and jewellery, in fact pretty much anything you might find at Tony Strowger Jewellers of Haverhill!

If you're looking for something unique for the number one woman in your life, if you like the unusual and the contemporary, and if you want the finest hand crafted jewellery then you need not venture out of Haverhill, as Tony Strowger Jewellers have an extensive range of custom made and designer jewellery.  Using unique settings and engraving techniques to produce innovative and exciting pieces the quality of workmanship is unrivalled.  Yet all this comes within affordable price ranges and the highest standards of customer service.

In addition to their hand crafted pieces, SilveRado Designer Beads,  Skagen Watches, stunning jewellery boxes and the Royal Selangor Gift Range are just some of the Aladdin's cave of treasures you can choose from, and you are certain to be spoilt for choice for the mum that deserves to be spoilt.

You know what happens when you're a mum?  It sometimes seems that's all you are... mum.  Much as you love your family, and wouldn't change things for the world, occasionally you'd like to be seen as the well groomed sophisticate you once were.  Well, that's possible.  

Treat mum to a Makeover and Glamour Shoot at David Doughty @ The Gallery.  Hair styled and make up done like a professional by Sonia, David will create a series of photographs tastefully reflecting  the sexy, sensual and sophisticated woman too often hidden under the 'mum' banner.  

David will ensure the experience is a comfortable and relaxed one, arranging a meeting in advance to discuss the type of shoot and style of photographs required.  Revealing as much or as little as you choose, the finished product will be a series of stunning photographs, tastefully and respectfully shot to either display with pride or share with just your nearest and dearest.  The results will surely boost self esteem and remind everyone that though she is the best mum in the world, mum is a woman too!

Oh, and a final word to dads - that toilet roll vase of tissue flowers lovingly made at playgroup is beautiful, and will be a much treasured keepsake.  However, it is NOT a Mother's Day gift and does not let you off the hook!

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