Magic Mike Film Review
31st July 2012
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When the trailer was first released, it was labelled as just a 'male stripper' movie, no storyline, no point, nothing.


However, the film still managed to attract millions of female fans who all flocked to theatres on opening nights up and down the country - and for the pure reason that it was just a 'male stripper' movie. 


For those of you who haven't yet seen the film, or heard it spoken about with lust by female relatives, Magic Mike is about a male stripper (Channing Tatum) who takes a young lad, The Kid, under his wing, teaching him how to make a living within the business and have fun at the same time. So you see, it does have some sort of storyline, not that the audience paid much attention to it...


In my personal opinion (though this might be slightly biased as I am female and a huge fan of Channing Tatum...) the film is good. Not brilliant, not awful as some critics have rated it, but good. The storyline is there amidst the stripping, although at times it is weak and I fear that without the level of nudity the film just wouldn't have been the big hit it is. However, the intentions to create a deep, meaningful insight into a previously unexplored aspect of life are there, and we really do feel ourselves placed in the characters' shoes experiencing their turmoil. 


Besides, what exactly is wrong with creating a 'male stripper' movie? Women are belittled so often in many male orientated comedies nowadays that it's rather nice to be able to ogle at a highly toned, weak minded man for a change! The creators did intend for the film to reach out to all audiences, but I think its safe to say that when you're sitting in the cinema and all the spectators are female, they failed hugely on that intention. However, they still managed to make a good film, containing some of the hottest names from Hollywood combined with some great acting, even if the ending does leave you a bit bewildered and lost in the dark. 


Magic Mike is a must see though – perfect for a cinema trip with the girls one evening! 


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