Madness at Katy Perry Concert!
28th October 2011
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Tickets? Check. Car full of food, 'in case we break down'? Check. Now all that was needed was to make that long journey to the NIA, Birmingham; and being only 16, I certainly wasn't doing it! So in comes my mother, ready to take me and two friends to a much awaited, Katy Perry concert, on the 26th October! 

Having arrived alive and well, after some slight confusion when sign posts suddenly disappeared, we had a quick bite to eat before the big show, and then settled down to queuing. Turns out we queued in the wrong place, along with many other people, and were so rudely told this by what I can only assume was a massive Katy Perry fan. I mean massive - bigger than the girls that had arrived with blue wigs, cat faces and various other attire, including one dressed as a banana. No, we didn't really understand that one either! Some others decided to come as various Katy Perrys' from her videos, which I have to say was quite cool – some looked very realistic!

Anyway, after continuing to queue in the wrong place as no one really listened to the poor distressed fan, we were finally told we were in fact queuing in the wrong place by a security man, so got the front! This obviously meant that when the rush came to get right near the stage when the doors finally opened, we ended up almost on the stage! However, you can't help but feel guilty when people standing behind you are saying they queued 6 hours to get this close, whereas we queued a measly 90 minutes.

The whole night after that is a bit of a blur to be quite honest. There were dancing gingerbread men, floating steaks, Katy Perry flying on a cotton candy cloud, fireworks, a giant swing, more flying people, dancers dressed as peacocks, the list is endless! All that topped with the hundreds of outfits that Katy sported that night and some fantastic singing, and you were left with the recipe for not only a perfect music concert, but a perfect all round show. When you leave a place with your feet aching, ears ringing, covered head to toe in foam and confetti, you definitely know you've had a good night! Ask me to go back? I wouldn't think twice about say yes. 


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