Lion Yard Winter Fashion Show
23rd November 2011
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Looking for some inspiration on what to wear during the festive period, how stand out but still be in style at the same time? Then head on down to the Lion Yard Fashion Show on Saturday 3rd December, for this seasons fashion extravaganza!

Models will be on hand ready to showcase the winter fashion from Lion Yard's stores at 1pm, 2pm and 3pm, from shops such as Kew, New Look and Superdry. However, the Disney store will also be showcasing some of their products too, so that will keep the kids interested! To complete your perfect party look, accessories from Pia and Accessorize will also be featured in the show, to top off your outfit.

It's not just an event for the fashion conscious mind you – with free samples availible all day from Hotel Choclat and YO!Sushi, women will be able to stand in awe at the fashion wonders knowing that their man is doing what he loves doing best...eating. That, and carrying all their shopping of course!

Following a great success of the summer version of this fashion show, this winter fashion show is sure to go down just as well and be just as entertaining. So get yourself down to Lion Yard Cambridge on the 3rd December, for a fashion event you want forget!





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