Is your money situation looking increasingly dire this January?
25th January 2012
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January... a time to try to stick to (and most likely fail) those New Year’s resolutions, bemoan the increasingly cold weather and struggle to stretch December’s pay to the end of the month.


It’s hardly surprising that January is also the month that has ‘Blue Monday’, what is said by some to be the most depressing day of the year. The majority of us have spent too much over Christmas and New Year and now have to live on a month’s pay for six weeks (oh, how we rejoiced on December 23rd when our money went in that little bit earlier than usual! And how we are now suffering because of it...)


Coupled with the fact that if you’re a business owner, most of January is spent trying to build up that pipeline of sales (note to self – must work harder at the end of December rather than spending hours trawling the internet for the best value Christmas presents).


The end of January - and payday - may be near but that doesn’t mean that we can’t get into the habit of saving ourselves or our business a little money here and there. thebestof Haverhill has some hints and tips that will hopefully see you through:


Shop around


Like it or not, we live in a technological world; the days of spending hours comparing prices on the high street are long gone. To save yourself a lot of time and ensure that you get the best deal, why not use a price comparison website? They can be used to compare your weekly food shop, all types of insurance, credit cards, household bills... the list goes on.


Consider the environment


No, we’re not getting all ‘New Age’ on you; even if you’re not fully on board when it comes to carbon footprints, energy efficiency and global warming, one thing you can’t argue against are the cost savings that come with increasing energy efficiency in our Haverhill homes and workplaces. It’s simple – help the planet and lower your energy bills.


Take a close look at your finances


Cash flow is key – if you’re a small business, make sure that you have a credit control framework to ensure that the money you need is being paid. Remember too that it may cost a little to get a professional involved if customers aren’t being... forthcoming, but if they can get that much-needed payment, the price they’ll charge is more than worth it.


If you’re an individual struggling to stay in the black, you could opt for a 0% credit card to shift those outstanding balances to – there are plenty available if your credit rating is good. Just remember that they will charge approximately 3% of the balance and if you don’t make the minimum payments on time each month, it will more than likely revert back to the original rate. Plus, it can be tempting to add to the balance rather than decrease it, so you will need to demonstrate a little restraint.


Ask the professionals


We can offer lots of hints and tips, but in the end, the best people to speak to are the professionals. thebestof Haverhill is home to local, experienced financial specialists, who are more than happy to provide you with the advice and support you need:

Accountants: Paul Donno and Co Ltd
Solicitors: Adams Harrison Solicitors; Stevens Solicitors

In addition, if your financial situation is having a detrimental effect on your mood and health, there are people you can speak to – Indigo Hypnotherapy and Counselling in Haverhill is committed to helping people overcome the challenges in their lives.

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