Is love in the air in Haverhill this Valentine’s Day?
9th February 2015
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Valentine’s Day is looming and I am single. I am not alone in this status.

As part of the 2011 Census Analysis, The Office for National Statistics revealed that the single adult population stood at a massive 51% in 2011 and indications are that this continues to increase. Single in this instance refers to those who have never married, are divorced or widowed.

Before we get too gloomy and envisage a nation of sad spinsters, desperate divorcees and wailing widows, what isn’t taken into account are the many millions involved in loving relationships that have no pigeonhole in the census. How long will it be I wonder before they offer a boxed marked ‘it’s complicated’ for us to tick!

What the census also doesn’t offer statistics on is the percentage of singletons who are very happy that way thank you. This is me. I am not unloved. I am loved by many different people in many different ways, I am just not romantically involved with any one individual (or several individuals, before you get the wrong idea!)

Having maintained this state of singledom over many years, most people now actually believe me when I say I am happy this way, and have finally stopped trying to pair me off with a succession of friends, relatives, work colleagues and occasionally even their own cast offs!

But come Valentine’s Day even those who know me best can’t help themselves…the urge to treat me like a toddler who just dropped her ice cream is too strong for them to resist and the ‘aww, come on, we’ll get you another one’ urge takes over.

Don’t worry about me please, there’s really no need. I have plenty of treats lined up for Valentine’s Day, when I too will be spoiling one of the special people in my life… me.

Obviously there will be flowers, from the amazing floral artists at Blooming Lovely in Haverhill.

Roses may be fine for lovers, but for me I’ll be spoilt for choice between a fragrant, hand tied bouquet of cottage garden flowers or maybe a more dramatic, contemporary table arrangement. Either way I know I’ll be getting top quality blooms that will last, at the right price, and more importantly that I know I will love.

Please click here for more information about Blooming Lovely Studio - florists in Haverhill.

Obviously I deserve to be pampered, and for a special treat I might just avail myself of the services of Haverhill Beauty Salon aRevolution.

Where to start though? To be fair this old bird needs work in quite a few areas, a fact clearly not overlooked by the ‘friend’ who presented me with aRevolution Gift Vouchers at Christmas. Having said that, they were gratefully received and I rather fancy the sound of the Time Defiance Facial and the Grand Paradise Experience body treatment.

Please click here to find out more about aRevolution in Haverhill.

Ok, just because I am not on a man hunt, that is no excuse to neglect my crowning glory. And I know exactly whose hands to place this current bird's nest in for a miraculous transformation.

Vidal Sasson trained stylist extraordinaire Westley Hellen and his team work these kind of miracles every day in his Haverhill salon, Avant Garde. Blessed with natural talent, backed up by the highest standards of training in the industry and topped off with the ability to treat each customer, young, old and in between, Westley creates long lasting, easy to manage styles that genuinely suit your lifestyle as well as your looks.

Please click here for more information about Avant Garde hair salon in Haverhill.

So, how to spoil myself next? Now this is a really good thing about being single. No more receiving those little boxes, knowing that inside lurks gold, silver or even diamonds and realising with a lurch of the stomach that beautiful as it might be, it’s just not you.

Hanningtons Jewellers on Haverhill High Street have such a huge selection of antique, traditional and modern jewellery that it would be impossible NOT to find the perfect piece for me. And nobody knows my taste quite as well as I do. The problem is of course, knowing when to stop when you’re so spoilt for choice. The jewellery brands range from classic to contemporary, but then there are the most exquisite watches and an irresistible range of gifts. What I must remember to do is drop hints about their gift vouchers next Christmas.

In the meantime, I know I can save myself a pretty penny just by going to thebestof Haverhill’s Offers page where there are free gifts and discounts of up to 50%!

Click here to view Hanningtons' latest offers.

I will concede that Valentine’s Day is probably not the best time to treat oneself to a slap up restaurant meal, either solo or with a group of like minded singletons. I definitely believe the loved up couples should be left in peace to their candlelit dinners for two.

So I have a bit of a plan for Valentine’s weekend.

This month sees the release of the much anticipated (so I’m told) Fifty Shades of Grey movie. Now I didn’t read the book. I read some reviews of the book, I even read some excerpts from the book and have to confess both were enough to put me off buying into the hype (it was about the writing style not the content!)

But I am prepared to head to Cineworld Haverhill with a few friends to see what all the fuss is about. “The risque publishing sensation about a kinky relationship springs to life on the big screen” and opens at Haverhill Cineworld on Friday 13th February so I think I’ll book it for then, and again leave the 14th for those with romance on their mind!

Further details about Cineworld Haverhill can be found by clicking here.

Talking of Fifty Shades, Haverhill Photographer David Doughty @ The Gallery has a timely offer on at the moment which, (as I digress from my single pursuits, which I said I wouldn’t do) would be eminently suitable for anyone looking to treat their other half for Valentine’s Day.

Now whether you’re Christian Grey (the ONLY name I know from the book) or the heroine (who probably has a very nice name… hang on, I’ll Google it) ah, Anastasia… no surprise there! Anyhow, the point I’m getting to is that David Doughty @ The Gallery has a Fifty Shots in Grey (& fifty in colour too!) promotion on our Offers page where you get a consultation, photo shoot, digital enhancement (jackpot!) and photo with prices starting at just £50.

Please click here to access the offer.

Anyhow… back to MY Valentine’s weekend. I’ve got flowers, gifts, a pamper session, fancy hair do and a night out with the girls sorted. I’m assuming that we will leave Cineworld on the lookout for something hot!

So what better way to round of the night with just a bit more spice, courtesy of Haverhill Tandoori. Dubbed ‘The best Indian Takeaway in town’ and open seven days a week the dishes on offer provide a mouth watering mix of traditional, tongue tingling curries and sides or for those who like it a little less spicy a selection of dishes that are light and fragrant, yet just as authentic. No doubt whatever we choose will be washed down with copious amounts of wine whilst we revel in our single status!*

Click here for further details about Haverhill Tandoori.

Obviously Valentine’s Day is great for couples, and if you are one half of a pair then all our Haverhill businesses above can offer you Gift Vouchers, or help you to choose the perfect present for your loved one. But unless they ask for it, don’t waste your sympathy on your single friends – some of us are having the time of our lives!

*what’s the betting there’ll be at least one letting the side down and drunk texting an ex!!

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