Haverhill projects have access to £1.6 million of Government funding
3rd April 2011
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Over £1.6 million is available for Haverhill projects.


A decision in 2007 by St Edmundsbury Council to take out loans as opposed to grants when the Borough was designated a growth area by the Government has safeguarded funds, enabling investment in the area to continue despite public funding drying up.


The choice to take out loans rather than grants means that as the loans are repaid, the money can be recycled into fresh projects.


Over £1.6 million of Government funding will be reinvested in Haverhill projects, shared between a £750,000 investment into enhancing the High Street, £750,000 towards developing Hachet End Business Park and £180,000 to build 10 affordable homes at the Kestrel Road and Millfields Way junction.


Plans for the High Street improvements will enhance the area between Market Square and Quakers Lane, updating lighting, street furniture and safety features in an attempt to improve the way people feel about using the area after dark.


The £750,000 loaned to Carisbrooke Developments for Hatchet End Business Park will help to cover the costs of developing the site's infrastructure - utilities, roads and earthworks - which will be paid back when businesses start to occupy the park.


There is also funding available for new paths to be laid and trees planted on the Wilsey estate, opening the Clements Primary School site for community use and information boards and signs along Railway Walk.

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