Haverhill health professionals team up in a bid to launch Heartstart scheme
29th March 2012
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Heartstart is an initiative that has been set up by the British Heart Foundation, which educates people about the best thing to do if you witness someone suffering a heart attack.


Heart attacks claim the lives of 124,000 people in the UK every year – that’s one person every two minutes. However, by learning Emergency Life Support (ELS) skills, you could help keep someone alive until expert help arrives on the scene.


Heartstart schemes are run by local people for local people - from the age of 10, you are welcome to attend and learn essential ELS skills. To date, 2.6 million people have been trained via Headstart schemes across the UK.


And now, Haverhill paramedic Mark Milsom and Dr Fiona Andrews, are trying to get funding to set up a Heartstart scheme in the town.


Mark Milsom explains the reasons why he is so passionate about launching Heartstart Haverhill:


“As a local paramedic with 20 years experience, and a volunteer for both MAGPAS and Suffolk Accident Rescue Service (SARS) I know the importance of early cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and defibrillation.


“There are a lot of people out there that could be saved if just basic CPR is done.

“Heartstart Haverhill has been affiliated to the BHF with the aim of providing free emergency life support (ELS) training in our community.”


Dr Fiona Andrews, who is a GP at The Clements Surgery in Haverhill, is to become Heartstart’s Director, whilst Mark Milson will be co-ordinator and training supervisor.


It is hoped that the Heartstart Haverhill will be launched in mid-April, with initial funding from the British Heart Foundation helping to deliver training for the scheme.


If you would like to know more about Heartstart Haverhill, or are interested in having a defibrillator on your site, please contact Mark Milsom on 07528231152 or email him at heart.haverhill@btinternet.com.

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