Haverhill couple's iPhone app is a huge success!
9th April 2011
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Haverhill entrepreneurs are enjoying instant success!


A couple from Haverhill's Eastern Avenue have worked together to develop an iPhone game for children.


The game, which was released on 25th March became one of the most popular educational 'apps' within a week.


Jason and his wife Diana, started creating the app after watching how much their own children enjoyed playing iPhone games. The couple hoped to design a game that would enable children to learn whilst doing something they enjoyed.


The husband and wife team formed DiJa Software and worked together to create and release Monkey Maths, an iPhone app aimed at children of primary school age which tests numeracy skills.


The game has been given five stars in all of the reviews and featured in the top 50 of Apple's paid-for educational apps. You can buy the game from Apple's App Store for 59 pence.


The couple now aim to release more children's learning apps with DiJa Software.

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