'Grunge' Look Taking Haverhill by Storm
4th August 2012
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Popular from the mid 1980's to 90's, the Grunge look is making a popular comeback in terms of hairstyling. These wacky and outrageous looks have been a big hit in London for some many years now, Bleach London currently pioneering the way and inspiring the rest of the nation. However, the look has now started to make an appearance amongst the public here in Haverhill over recent months. 


Many teens have been heading down Avant Garde and requesting one of the most unusual hairstyles associated with the Grunge look - dip-dying. This method involves dying the ends of your hair normally a bright or contrasting colour, making it look almost as if the hair has simply been 'dipped' into the dye. This method has proven popular in Haverhill over the past few months, with many teenagers sporting a new splash of green or red within their barnet! 


Also rather popular and similar to dip-dying in terms of wackiness, are multicoloured highlights appearing in many youngsters hair nowadays. This fits in very nicely with the once again popular Grunge look, as the look features lots of bright colours mixed in contrast with black and other images such as skulls, studs and bones. The fashion gives off a rather dishevelled and rebellious sort of feel, which is why methods such as dip-dying are so popular within those conforming to the look, as they showcase a hairstyle and colour that can often be seen as 'going against the norm' and rebellious. 


The Grunge effect is proving to be very in fashion this season though, so if you're feeling daring and want to take part in the trend, visit Avant Garde and to talk about transforming your look today. For more information click on Avant Garde. 


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