Enjoy 20% off a TENS session at Perform Sports Therapy
4th January 2013
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Are you struggling to overcome an injury? Are you looking for an effective form of pain management?

Developed by Guillaume Duchenne in 1855, electrotherapy – the use of electrical energy as a medical treatment - has long been regarded as an effective method of rehabilitation. It has a variety of uses:

Pain management 

Muscle rehabilitation and re-education

Improves joint mobility and movement

Increases strength, motor control 

Reduces swelling

Tissue repair

Based in Haverhill, Perform Sports Therapy is owned and run by Katie Ditchman, the town's only fully qualified sports therapist with a full-time clinic. Not only does she work with amateur and professional sportspeople, but Katie also helps children and adults with a number of conditions, including tennis elbow, torn muscles and trapped nerves.

As Katie explains, “Perform Sports Therapy offers a range of electrotherapy treatments, including Ultrasound, Interferential Therapy and TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation).

“Ultrasound can be used for acute and chronic injuries. It uses high frequency sound waves which are used for pain relief and to enhance the healing process. It causes vibrations within the molecules of the tissue of the injured area, which reduces levels of pain and increases the healing process.

“Interferential Therapy produces low frequency electrical currents, which helps for pain relief, reduce swelling, increase range of movement in a joint and can help re-educate wasted muscles.

“TENS is also used for pain relief by using the pain gate mechanism. which blocks the feeling of pain by stimulating the nerves at a faster rate.”

Try TENS for less this January

Throughout January 2012, Perform Sports Therapy is offering thebestof Haverhill members a special introductory offer – 20% off TENS treatment; pay just £24 instead of £30 for a 30 minute TENS session with Katie.

Please call Haverhill sports therapist, Katie Ditchman on 07951 780 683 to find out more or to book an appointment. 

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