Discover Your Perfect British Getaway!
14th April 2012
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Save the pennies and celebrate being British this year, by choosing to holiday at one of the top tourist destinations our unique island has to offer. With the help of Jennifer Bradnam at Travel Counsellors, you may not have to look as far as you think in order to experience that holiday of a lifetime.

One of the worlds most cultural and captivating cities, London is perfect for a weekend away or even two weeks in the big city if you're aiming to experience all the city has to offer. Although London can sometimes be pricey and far from peoples budgets, with a little help from Jennifer you can save a fortune by choosing hotels, restaurants and entertainment to suit your budget. One of the best tips from Travel Counsellors is to eat at ethnic restaurants – they're cheap, cultural and very easy to find in the city, saving you loads of money and time! Most museums are also free in the city too, and whether you're into interactive or inspiring pieces, a museum can be a fantastic day out at a low cost. London really is a city to suit all budgets and lifestyles – whether you're into classical arts or clubbing, a trip to London this summer can certainly not go a miss.

Moving onto to the other end of the island, and an altogether historical and beautiful place, is the capital city of Scotland – Edinburgh. Split into two towns, the Old Town and the Georgian New Town, both parts of the city have equal amounts of entertainment for any budget and personality. Of course a visit to the hugely famous Edinburgh Castle goes without saying, but Edinburgh also has a lot more to offer than just old roads and buildings, that Travel Counsellors can advise you on. If you're travelling over in August, you'll witness the ever popular Edinburgh International Festival, a wide array of classical music, theatre and dance from every corner of the globe. This magnificent festival runs alongside the biggest arts festival in the world – the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Offering a quirky twist on traditional British towns are the tiny cluster of islands known as the Channel Islands – Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, Sark and Hem. Jersey is obviously the most popular, and most largest, island out of the five. Known for its sandy beaches and warm weather, the capital city is actually quite lively for a small island. Guernsey is much more rockier but offers a great escape for WW2 fanatics, as many of the Nazi fortifications from when the island was occupied have now been turned into museums. The other islands, although much smaller, still boost a perfect holiday for anyone looking to get away and enjoy the quiet countryside.

For more information and to start planning you're perfect British getaway now with Travel Counsellors, visit Travel Counsellors.


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