Cutting Advertising in a Recession
12th February 2009
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Having spoken to many local business owners lately I wasn't surprised to learn that many of them are cutting down on the amount of money they spend on advertising. In tough times like these, a businesses first reaction is to cut spending, particularly in advertising. But this can backfire; if you aren't marketing, no-one is buying!

It is a proven fact that companies who continue to support their brands by advertising in a recession achieve a substantial advantage over those who don't.

Those companies who take what they perceive as the safe option and cut their advertising spend when times get tough need to think again.

Advertising keeps you top-of-mind to the consumer. It creates a positive impression on your company, that you are successful and committed to your product. Out of sight is out of mind, so if you stop reaching out, consumers tend to forget you exist when they're ready to make a purchase. And let's not forget, your competitors are cutting back. When they cut back, they lose clients... clients you could be gaining

Instead business owners need to look at more effective ways of marketing themselves such as online marketing. While the 'real' economy slows the online economy is continuing to grow. Online advertising is proving itself to be a powerful way to reach the market and is an extremely cost effective way to improve businesses.

42 million people are currently online in the UK, spending on average 33 hours per month online. With £0.17 in every £1 in the UK is spent online, businesses without a high quality internet presence are potentially missing out on a huge customer base.

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