CND Additives
8th August 2012
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Introducing new CND Additives, the exciting new addition to every nail beautician’s world, as it now means that any design of any level can be created easily and effortlessly!


A collection of pure pigments and lustrous effects, Additives can be blended into any CND sculpting powder or gel, or can be layered over Shellac nail polish, thus allowing for the 'ultimate artistic freedom.'


Nail beauticians can now create a range of designs in a number of colours, and finish them with dramatic, unique effects from subtle glows to dazzling sparkles. 


Clients are now able to request any type of design they want, and pieces of material or other artwork can also be bought in and replicated on the nail as a form of nail art, meaning that each design will remain unique and special. 


For more information visit Theresa in Arevolution, who will only be too happy to tell you just what an exciting new product this really is and how it can enhance the look of your unique nails. Arevolution are currently the only Beauty Salon to be using the CND Additives within their nail work, so please do take advantage of this fantastic product and head on down to Arevolution today!

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