Can you help The Centre for Computing History?
18th January 2012
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Rapidly becoming one of the largest archives of computing related artifacts in the UK, The Centre for Computing History is a popular computing history museum based in Haverhill.

Holding a vast array of computer games, advertising literature, computing books, promotional items and much more in the archives, all of these thousands of items are still needed to be scanned and documented online.

Offering a small window into the collection, the website receives an average of a huge 86,130 views per month, being used also by many research institutions across the world. The site currently has over 15,000 artifacts from the collection available to view online.

However, there is still so much more work to be done to help make this museum gain the true recognition that it deserves. The Centre for Computing History are currently looking for volunteers who either know (or can learn) how to use a scanner and perform basic image editing to scan a document and then upload it to the website using the custom web archive software – this is as simple as filling out an online form!

You can either work from home using your own equipment and working hours that suit you, or you can complete the work at the museum using their equipment.

This task is great for anyone who has an interest in retro computing, or anyone who loves organisation and cataloguing. However, I’m sure there are many more people out there with different interests that would find this job interesting!

All you need to record is the basic description, manufacturer, date of publication, product name etc. which are all entered into a simple online form.

There is no pressure to get the work done, no targets to meet and no deadlines. Plus, being a voluntary job this will look great on your CV.

If you are interested in helping out The Centre for Computing History, please contact

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