Bulle d'Amour at Tony Strowgers
19th June 2012
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Bulle d'Amour is the exciting new designer brand to reach Tony Strowger Jewellers in Haverhill! The brand that specialise in producing a high quality type of Shamballa bracelet are very popular amongst fashion and beauty conscious women and come at very reasonable prices. 

The bracelets come in a range of different styles so if 'bling' isn't really your thing, then perhaps a more subtle design, such as those just containing one bead, would be perfect for you. Sparkly and Magnetite beads are the two types of beads that are featured on the Bulle d'Amour designs – you can either have a mixture of the two or have just one type of bead on the bracelet; personally my favourite is the multicoloured sparkly bead design - it's perfect for the summer! 

Bulle d'Amour bracelets are also easy and comfortable to wear, as they feature adjustable straps to ensure that anybody can feel truly special in these one of bracelets. 

For more information click on Tony Strowger Jewellers or visit Tony in town today on Haverhill High Street. 


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