Be the Ghostly Host with the Most this Halloween with these 5 party game ideas.
28th October 2013
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If you're hosting a Halloween party for the kids and their friends during Halloween, here's five Halloween themed party games you may wish to add to the proceedings to keep your guests entertained.

One: Making Mummies – Split your party guests into two groups.  Give each group an ample supply of toilet rolls.  They simply chose a group member and wrap them up using the toilet paper to dress them as a Mummy.  You can either run this as a timed challenge, i.e. you have 5 minutes to mummify your team member, or decide who’s wrapped their Mummy up in the neatest way and award prizes accordingly.

Two: What’s The Time Mr/Mrs Werewolf – This game needs a larger space in which to be played.  The idea is, you choose one party guest who will be Mr/Mrs Werewolf (guests take it in turns to be Mr/Mrs Werewolf.  The party guests stand at one end of the room and Mr/Mrs Werewolf stands at the other end with his/her back to the guests.  The party guests then ask “What’s the time Mr/Mrs Werewolf?” to which the Werewolf replies (as an example) it’s 6 O’Clock, the guests then take the appropriate number of paces and the question is repeated.  When the guests are fairly close to the Werewolf and have once again asked “What’s the time Mr/Mrs Werewolf?” The Werewolf can answer “Midnight”.  At this point the party guests must run from the Werewolf and the Werewolf must try to catch as many guests as they can.  If they catch a guest(s) they are out of the game and the process is repeated until there’s a winner.

Three: Pin The Tail On The Black Cat – Draw a large tailless black cat on an A1 sheet of card and attach the card to the back of a door or wall. On a smaller piece of card, draw and cut out a tail for your back cat.  Place some blu tac at the base of your cut out tail.  When the party guests are present and you’re ready to play the game, blind fold each guest in turn and ask them to stick the tail to the large sheet of card in the place they think the tail should go.  When they’ve had their turn, mark the spot they chose with their name.  Once each guest has had a go, the winner is the one closest to where the tail should fit.

Four: Sleeping Monsters – If your party guests are younger and getting excited, this is a great game to restore some calmness to the party.  You’ll need one or two judges, then ask the rest of the guests to lay on the floor and keep as still as they can.  The judges watch the sleeping monsters (the guests laying on the floor) and when each one makes a movement, they’re out of the game and the last one left is the winner.

Five: Halloween Treasure Hunt – Dress rooms the treasure hunt will be taking place in up with Halloween-style decorations.  You could make paper spider-webs, cardboard stand-up gravestones and attach cut-out bats to the ceiling. Then simply hide various goodies around the room for the kids to find.

Finally have a safe, spooky, but enjoyable Halloween.  And if you are hosting a party, these games will help you be the ghostly host with the most.

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