Arevolution's Theresa Foddering sparkles at Gary Cockerill make-up masterclass
7th November 2012
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When working in a beauty salon, make-up tends to be restricted to ensuring that the bride and bridal party are looking beautiful for the big day.

And while Haverhill beauty therapist, Theresa Foddering from Arevolution loves creating natural yet stunning looks for her clients, there has been a part of her that yearned to broaden her horizons a little.

“I have been dying to play with colour,” she explained. “I felt this was an area I lacked confidence and ability in as I don't practice with colour anywhere near enough – or so I thought!”

Gary Cockerill is one of the country's most respected make-up artists; completely self-taught he has the simple philosophy of 'external beauty promotes inner confidence' and he has worked with celebrities, models and some of the world's most influential photographers, editors and directors.

When the opportunity arose for Theresa to attend Gary Cockerill's masterclass in Covent Garden, she was pleased to have the chance to learn the tricks of the trade and further enhance her current make-up skills.

At the beginning of the class, Gary explained that the person who really stood out for him would receive a prize. Imagine the Haverhill beauty therapist's delight when she was awarded the prize!

“Gary was pleased with my use of colour and that I had made my work my own rather than copying him from his tutorials like a lot of the others in the class,” said Theresa. “He said that I was a talented make-up artist and explained that he works with a lot of other artists and I was as good, if not better than they are so I shouldn't doubt my abilities.

“That had to be the highlight of the entire day; throughout my career I have always admired Gary Cockerill and now he admires me! It's the biggest compliment I could have had!”

Inspired by her day, Theresa has now organised make-up sessions with local photographers to build her portfolio, so watch this space!

Do you want a makeover? Why not contact Theresa at Arevolution in Haverhill to book an appointment?

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