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8th September 2014
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There’s been lots of hype recently surrounding the use of fake products in the beauty industry, predominantly CND™SHELLAC™ brand 14+ day nail colour.

Here at ARevolution, we are proud to be a CND™ Flagship Salon.  We pride ourselves, not only on our awesome nails (If we do say so ourselves), but also in educating each of our clients on the products we use.

CND™ launched CND™SHELLAC™ in 2010 and revolutionised the Mani-scene. A game-changer.  Lasting up to 2 weeks, its chip and smudge-proof and super, super shiny! Perfect for the summer season, but we love it all year round!

Instantly dry, CND™SHELLAC™ is applied like polish, cured under a CND™ UV Lamp, and wears just like gel. It can also be removed in minutes… Leaving nails free from damage! 

Thing is, CND™SHELLAC™ is the only one of its kind, it’s a solvent -base product, not gel-based.  Ever since its release, other companies have been trying to match the unique product, unsuccessfully, and have therefore brought out their own gel-based polishes. 

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…Nuh Uhhhh! 

No doubt some of you will have seen the recent BBC Documentary, Fake Britain, which covered the darker side of CND™SHELLAC™ success.  With everyone wanting a piece of the action, a monsoon of fakes have worked their way into the UK.  These imitations claim to be 100% authentic, (Oh per-lease), even copying CND™ ‘s infamous branding.

Beware of the Fakes!

You’ll of noticed throughout this post, that we’ve had to include all ™’s and used strict wording when referring to the real deal, this is how serious the issue has become.

Problem is, when the fake polish is removed, (Genuine CND™SHELLAC™  soaks off in approximately 15 minutes, not so genuine stuff has be known to take up to an hour and a half), the damage is revealed.  In addition to this, just about anyone can get their hands on the stuff, (Again, CND™SHELLAC™  is for professional use only), this results in completely untrained “therapists” using untested and potentially dangerous products. 

Anyway, enough of all that… Say goodbye to chipped-polish, and hellooooo to CND™SHELLAC™!

If you’re not able to pop in and see us at ARevolution (We’re in Haverhill) or our little sister The Naildresser (New to Ipswich), you can find your nearest reputable Salon by visiting  an online-directory of registered, fully trained CND™ providers.

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