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16th December 2013
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Then Traineeships could be right for you - Traineeships are aimed at 16 – 23 year olds who are not currently employed, or have little or no experience, but are focused on work or the prospect of it.

Why should your company get involved? Young people need help from employers to ensure they have the skills and experience to succeed in employment or Apprenticeship. You could make a difference to the prospects of a young person’s life by providing them with essential workplace experience and coaching.

What are the benefits? You will receive an enthusiastic young person who will bring fresh ideas and talent to your company. Traineeships provide the opportunity for an ‘extended job interview’ of a young person to enable you to find out their suitability for progression to an Apprenticeship.

Training and modules may be tailored for your industry needs and will be delivered flexibly to fit in with your business requirements.

How will the College support me?
We will:
•    Advertise your position and assist with the selection and recruitment process
•    Provide pastoral support for your trainee
•    Provide Maths and English training as part of the Traineeship framework.

What do you need to provide? You will need to commit to a minimum of a 6 week (maximum 5 months) placement for 16-20 hours per week. You will also be expected to offer support, a structured induction and clear objectives as well as providing a buddy or mentor for the trainee.

How much does it cost? Nothing. You do not need to pay the trainee and all the training costs are covered by the College. You may wish to contribute towards the transports costs for the trainee.

Can you offer an work placement to a trainee? Principles for good quality work placements:

•    Choice and relevance – Placement matched to the trainee’s areas of interest and aspiration, with young people undertaking high quality work experience rather than observation or mundane tasks

•    Organisational readiness – Commitment from senior managers or owner/manager and a low ratio of trainees to experienced staff

•    Good preparation – Thorough pre-placement preparation by the provider, employer and prospective trainee and an understanding of young people’s circumstances that may affect their workplace behaviour

•    Written agreement – Made between the trainee, employer and provider setting out mutual expectations and commitments, including the training plan and arrangements for reviews

•    A planned placement – A structured induction, clear objectives and integrated off-the-job training, with an identified mentor or buddy

•    Feedback and review – Regular constructive feedback from managers and formal reviews at key stages with the manager, provider and trainee.  You will also be required to provide the learner with an exit interview when their placement with you comes to an end                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

•    West Suffolk College expects the duration of the work placement within a traineeship to be at least six weeks and no more than five months.  The weekly hours should be between 16-20 hours. Work placement hours be restrictions will apply where a Trainee is claiming benefits.

•    Employers are not required to pay young people for the work placement under the traineeship as this falls under an exemption to the National Minimum Wage

If you think your company could benefit from a Traineeship or if you would like to find out more please email or call 01284 716246

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