5 Great Party Games Add to New Year’s Celebrations
29th December 2013
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Have you invited friends and family around to your house to see the New Year in? If so, you’ve probably planned your menu and made provisions for drink too.  However, you can add a little more to your New Year’s get together on top of sharing great stories and catching up with each other’s news. 

Here are five great games you could play at your New Year’s party before Big Ben chimes and welcomes us to 2014.

1. Two Truths One Lie - This New Year's Eve see how well you know your party guests. Get everyone to sit in a circle. Each guest should think of two truths and one lie. It is much more effective if the truths are somewhat outlandish and the lie is more believable. This makes it harder for the other guests to tell the lie from the truths. In turn, get each guest to tell their two truths and a lie. The group gets to discuss the statements and has to guess which one is the lie. The person then reveals the actual lie and the next person takes their turn.

2. Disorientation - This game is a great spectator sport for New Year's Eve. Set up several groups into pairs. These people will compete with each other. Two partners stand face-to-face, arms extended, palms touching. You can blindfold each person or get them to close their eyes. Then get them to turn around five times and try to find their partners palms again and return to their original positions without looking.

3. Wooden Spoon Bluff - Guess someone's identity by feeling them only with wooden spoons. One party guest is blindfolded and sits in a chair. Each person stands / kneels in front of the blindfolded guest. By feeling the person in front of them, using just a wooden spoon, the guest must identity the others correctly.

4. A Grape Game - The object of this game is to see who can eat the grape first.  Place a grape in a bowl in front of those guests taking part.  The rules are they cannot use their hands. Your guests will think this is an easy game, until you fill each bowl with whipped cream. Then the fun begins! The winner is the first person to find and eat their grape. Make sure you have a camera handy to get those wonderful photos for Facebook.

5. The Bouncing Ball Drinking Game – Get your party guests to sit in a circle with their drinks in their hands. You do need a pretend ball. The rules are easy, but seem to get more complicated as the game goes on. One of you needs to start the game by saying one of the following words: whiz, bounce or boing.  Whiz means the ball moves on to the next player. Bounce means the ball skips the next player and moves on to the following person. Boing means the ball hits the wall and changes direction.  The penalty for any mistake is taking a drink. Please drink responsibly.

Have a great party and may we wish you a fantastic and prosperous 2014.

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