11 Years of Hard Work Finally Over...
7th September 2011
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With 11 years of hard, time consuming work leading up to this iconic date, it was no wonder that I felt nervous about receiving my GCSE results last week. Top that with such high expectations from parents and teachers, and you had the perfect recipe for butterflies in the stomach.

 However it proved to be 11 years well spent, as myself – along with many of my peers – achieved a record number of A*-C grades as we opened that dreaded brown envelope. A wave of relief passed over us as we realised that not having a social life for the last couple of months had actually paid off.

 Nevertheless, down to sheer hard work, I achieved the results I wanted and more and can now proudly say that I have 14 GCSE's under my belt. All the tears shed and sleepless nights over hard exams, such as the painfully demanding photography exam, was eventually worth it as well (despite wishing I'd never taken the course many a time). I am now grateful to my teachers, pushing me to a near breaking point because they knew that I could get that A* in the end.

 So what lies next, after all those years in education? Well, for me, I just can't get enough of education apparently, so I'm spending 2 more years in Castle Manor's sixth form, studying English Language, English Literature, Psychology and Maths. I enjoyed my experience in mainstream school very much, and hope that I also enjoy the sixth form, with those same teachers helping me achieve to the best of my potential. Where the future takes me no one yet knows, but I am secretly hoping it leads me on the novelist career path. Who knows? I could be the next JK Rowling!!



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