Relationships Require Respect (Part 2)
5th July 2012
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It is generally accepted that possibly the most important factor in any relationship, in a marriage or partnership, is respect.  It’s the essential ingredient that makes any human interaction work.

So let us look at some ways that we can show respect to someone else: 

  • Listening attentively and acknowledging someone’s views will enable the person to feel valued and respected. Try to look directly at the person to whom you are talking or to whom you are listening. Eye contact is an important reassurance to the other party that you have an interest in what they are saying. It gives them confidence, which is one result of the giving of respect.  When talking to a child, introduce the word ‘respect’ into their vocabulary so that they know what it means to them and what it can mean to someone else.
  • The words of ‘dignity’ and ‘respect’ go hand in hand. We all have different customs and ways of working and living.  And we should, and must, respect and value those differences.
  • Respect comes when you empathise with the other person in a way that will encourage them to feel respected and so return the favour.
  • To put other people’s need before yours, will convey your feeling of respect to them.
  • A simple act of kindness can demonstrate respect.
  • Avoid stereotyping people because that often reduces respect.
  • Accepting all people for being different will show respect for their customs and religion.
  • Understanding another person’s likes and dislikes will demonstrate respect.
  • Never humiliate anyone because of social status.
  • Apologising for a mistake can convey a sincere regret if you have hurt someone unintentionally.

Respect is about accepting someone else’s choice, and freedom of decision.  It is about valuing someone else’s opinion so that they will feel respected, even when you do not agree with them.


Key Points 

·         Without respect there is no relationship

·         To give respect costs little or nothing

·         Respect and trust go together 


Carole Spiers is Author of a new book Show Stress Who’s Boss! She is a relationship counsellor and coach based in Stanmore.



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