Are you passionate about parenting? Can you inspire and motivate others? We need confident parents with fantastic people skills to lead a life-changing parent programme in London.
4th August 2014
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Benefits of the Opportunity:

  • Gain coaching experience and world-class training.
  • Support families in areas of deprivation.
  • Use your parenting skills to help other parents give their children the best start in life.

Parent Gym is a series of free, practical, evidence-based workshops that are proven to have a lasting impact on parents' confidence in their skills and their relationships with their children. We've worked with over 2000 parents in London with excellent results.

You can watch a video about the programme here:

The programme is delivered in primary schools by trained parent volunteers. Full training is provided, and those who qualify at the end of this go on to deliver workshops to parents, with plenty of support and ongoing development opportunities provided.

Check out  for full details.

The ideal Parent Gym coach…

  • Is a Mum or Dad with kids over 3 years old.


  • Is a graduate.


  • Has some teaching, coaching or group facilitation experience.


  • Has a keen interest in helping other parents learn useful skills and feel more confident.


  • Is able to commit to delivering a session on a voluntary basis one morning a week on the same day for seven consecutive weeks (during term time).


  • Has empathy, confidence and relates well to people from different socio-economic backgrounds.


  • Has a facilitative style.

We run "tryout" events for potential volunteers, to see whether Parent Gym coaching is for them and if their delivery style is likely to be a good match for the role. The tryouts this summer are on the 14th August or the 3rd September from 10am to 1pm.

Parent Gym increases the chances for children's success by changing how their parents think and behave.

To find out more contact 020 7368 5698

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