How to Keep Weight Off This Christmas
7th December 2012
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Christmas is full of shopping, baking, events and parties all shared with family and friends. All great fun but this usually comes with lots of food and drink which is fine at the time but leads to huge disappointment once January is here as you've put on the weight you've been fighting of over the last few months.

Now this doesn't mean you can’t have fun over the Christmas period, it just means you have to be tactile and not over indulge everyday during this time. Try implementing the following tips to avoid packing on pound and still enjoy Christmas and New Year celebrations!


• Balance your plate, try eating more meat & veg and less of the potatoes & stuffing, also try eat slower, take your time to enjoy the food, you will end up eating less.

• Eat before a party or a big meal, have a filling protein snack it will help you resist the urge to overeat. Also avoid the naughty snacks at parties, the crisps and nuts can set you back 200 - 300 cals, try sticking to mostly veggie sticks with a light dip instead.

• Resist the office snacks; don’t tell yourself one can’t hurt, stick to your healthy snacks, as you know there may be plenty of other occasions where you will indulge.

• Be strategic with deserts & treats, at Christmas they are very hard to avoid but rather than going crazy & feeling guilty after allow yourself a small portion if you have been good most of the week as a reward.


• Food or drink not both, treat yourself with something food related or drink related not both.

• Have days off, plan dry days where no alcohol is consumed when you know a day with lots of drinks is coming.

• Drink water; try adding a glass between beverages to help keep the calories down & avoiding a hangover.

• Be aware, alcohol is calorie dense; know how much each class glass sets you back.


• Keep up the training, most people do less I say do more, if your food intake is going up then so should your training. Plan your diary so you can fit it in, and think out of the box it doesn’t have to be in the gym, enjoy a game of Wii or Kinect with the kids.

• Time your workouts, if you know you’re going to eat a lot a certain day (Christmas day) then have a hard workout prior to the meal, then rather than storing the extra food as fat you use it to refuel & build muscle.

• Do some damage control, if you over eat one day then train harder then next, the extra calories burnt can help counteract the extra ones taken in the day before.

• Don’t over estimate calories burnt, don’t use a morning workout as an excuse to eat more food, usually people burn between 300-600 calories in a workout, that may not even be one meal.

This article was written by Vin from Fitness with Vin.

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